Mohali is Developing | 7 Roads to Now Get Cycle Tracks in City

Mohali city is following the footsteps of its neighbour Chandigarh if we talk of development. Incorporating cycling tracks along the stretches of the roads by their sides just the way it is planned in Chandigarh, Mohali is all set to go ahead with this improvised road network design as a part of its urban planning.

Separate tracks for slow moving cyclists and joggers would not only ensure their safety but also provide road widening and improved aesthetics of the entire road network system.

Cycle Tracks in Mohali

The project has been developed and proposed on the lines of Chandigarh city. The proposed tracks are all set to come up in various sectors of  Mohali.

Starting from sector 60 and 61, Phase 9, Phase 10 and Phase 11, these areas are the shortlisted one to have these amazing tracks running all along the stretches of the road. Also areas like Kumbra lights points, Mohali village to YPS, Sector 70 and Sector 71 are included in the list. Leading to Chandigarh Airport, these roads are all set to get widened by atleast 100-feet.

Salient Features of the Project

The salient features of the project that would be induced while its implementation are as follows :

  • Separate tracks for cyclists and joggers
  • Better aesthetics
  • Good safety assurance
  • Widening of road by 100-feet
  • Additional space to be utilised for installation of benches
  • Tree sapling plantation drives to be done alongside
  • Shady avenues for walkers and cyclists
  • Construction foot over-bridge over N-choe
  • Straightening of section of N-choe
  • Lesser number of accidents

Project Implementation

The project is still under proposal and planning stage. Soon the tenders would be floated to invite applications for interested ones to design and construct the same. In view to reduce number of accidents and execute road widening, the project would take off by the end of this year in 2017.

Chandigarh is known to have the best form of Road Network called as ‘Grid System’ wherein parallel running roads cut across each other perpendicularly. The technicalities incorporated in urban planning and design surely has benefited people in terms of safety, aesthetics, ease of commutation, simplicity of remembrance and what not. Incorporating that effect in Mohali would surely add feather to the cap of the city !!!

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