Mohali Gets 3 New Electricity Bill Payment Machines

Mohali | In an innovative augmentation, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has installed three new electricity bill payment machines at various locations in Mohali.  The move was initiated by the authorities keeping in mind the requirement and ever growing demand of many more such payment machines. Inaugurated by the Principal power secretary now serving as the Chairman cum Managing director of PSPCL, the machines have revolutionised the concept of electricity bill payment by making the process easier, simpler and accessible to all.

Where are the machines installed?

The electricity bill payment machines have been installed at carefully chosen locations to cater to the needs of the recent influx of population that has mobbed the district with recent development in infrastructure and housing complexes. Here are the places where you can find these new machines:

  1. Sector 71
  2. Phase 9
  3. Sector 125, Sunny Enclave

All the above places have got a 66-kV grid system under which new residential sectors are benefited.

Old machines in place

Mohali already had three old such electricity bill payment machines in place but were not sufficient to cater to the wider population of the city. The existing machines at following locations also fall under the 66-kV grid system:

  1. Phase 7, Industrial area
  2. Phase 1
  3. Sector 68

Beneficiary Populated Areas

Besides these old three machines, the addition of the new ones make it to a count of a total of 6 such electricity bill payment machines to cover the entire region. With an aim to benefit the people residing in following phases and sectors, the decision certainly is going to create a positive impact of development among masses. Residential areas of Sector 60, 61, 65 to 67, 70, 71 and Sector 116 to 125 are the ones to get the maximum advantage of the move.

Agendas of the authority 

The authority with the introduction of such innovative advancements in their decisions aim to achieve the following agendas :

  • Uninterrupted power supply during summers
  • Updation of Customer Care Centre of PSPCL
  • Increase in Consumer base of PSPCL
  • Provision of early release of connections for users
  • Revenue Increase
  • Provision of hassle-free services to consumers
  • Updation of mobile numbers and e-mail ids of consumers
  • Efforts to redress consumer supply at earliest by special service
  • Bill related issues to be resolved through a special service
  • Special service in terms of Unique number to register complaints
  • Unique Number of 1912 to redress the issues

With such great agendas in mind and innovation in their decisions, the day isn’t far when, Punjab not on papers but in reality becomes “Power Surplus Punjab state.

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