Mohali Puts a Complete Ban on Sale of Cut Fruits

Mohali Administration is putting in its best efforts to maintain the sanitation and hygiene across the city. Where on one hand it is upgrading the infrastructure for the development of the city, on the other hand, it is looking out to simply initiate basic health measures for the people of Mohali.

Locations where sale of cut fruits are banned in Mohali

Recently, Mohali has banned the selling of over-ripe or cut fruits and vegetables by petty vendors on the streets, markets, bus stands, railway stations, offices, hospitals, schools, and colleges across the city. As per the Family Health and Welfare Department, the Mohali Administration has released a notification, banning the sale of cut fruits until December 31, 2017.

As published in the English daily, Gurpreet Kaur Sapra, the Deputy Commissioner of Mohali has issued the notification of ban orders to be implemented with immediate effect across the city.

People affected by the ban of cut fruit sale in Mohali

With the sudden issuance of the notice to ban the sale of cut fruits in Mohali, the vendors who used to sell the cut fruits will be worst hit. Selling fruits was their job for the living. Banning the cut fruit sale make them lose their daily chore, yet hampering their income to run the livelihood.

Other than cut fruits, what else is banned by Mohali Administration

Not only the cut fruits but the Mohali Administration has imposed a ban on selling uncovered sweets, samosas, pakodas, breads, cakes, sugar cane juice, mousambi juice, flavored milk, buttermilk, shikanji, jaljeera, soda (banta), iced water, ice cream and other eatables.

All the vendors selling these items will have to get their items as well the water used in its preparations, tested at the laboratory. Whichever, food item will be found to be selling under unhygienic conditions in the Mohali district, its samples will have to undergo the tests performed by the Bacteriologist in Punjab.

Though it is a commendable job done by the government but let’s see how will be the response from the vendors as well as from the consumers on this notification. Will they abide by the rules laid by the Mohali administration or things will go like this prevailing unhygienic selling of cut fruits and others edibles exposed to dust and the sun.

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