Mohali Records The Highest Number Of Dog Bite Cases & It’s Sad

Dogs are a man’s best friend and the most loyal friends but it seems like the dogs of Mohali don’t like humans. Mohali has recorded the maximum number of dog bite cases in all the three districts. The Municipal Corporation of Mohali has hardly taken an initiative to start the sterilisation drive.

Highest Number Of Dog Bite Cases in Mohali

As per the Chandigarh Newsline, more than 2300 dog bite cases have been reported till February 28, 2016. The district has recorded the highest number of dog bite cases after Ludhiana.

2528 dog bite cases were registered in Ludhiana while 2411 dog bite cases were registered in Jalandhar.

As per the records, the highest number of dog bite cases were in 2015 and the second highest in 2016 just after Amritsar (12,204 cases). The officials said there are around 7000 stray dogs in the district and the number of dog bite cases have increased rapidly after 2013.

Municipal Corporation’s Repeated Excuses

The health department’s records raised questions on the Municipal Corporation officials. The MC gave been giving repeated excuses that the sterilisation drive had been delayed because the model code of conduct was in place from January to March as the elections were going on this year.

As per sources, a doctor at the civil hospital said that they are recording about 18-25 dog bite cases every day. He said that the dog bites cases are mostly from Balongi, Jagatpura and Badmajra. He also said that the population of stray dogs are increasing and the MC should look into the matter to control the birth rate of the dogs as the cases are coming from almost all the areas of the city.

MLA’s Meeting With The MC Officials

The MLA conducted a meeting with the MC officials on Friday and questioned them regarding the reason for a high number of dog bite cases. The MC officials failed to give any legitimate reason for the same. The MLA has asked the MC officials to speed up the work and also allotted the work of sterilisation process to control the population of stray dogs.

Two cases of dog bites were registered on Friday in the city. One of the two patients was immediately rushed to the civil hospital. The Municipal Commissioner said that they have started the sterilisation of dogs and a total of 16 dogs have been sterilised by the doctors.

Source: Indian Express

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