Mohali Safai Karamcharis Will Now Only Pick Segregated Garbage

Mohali’s garbage lifters have requested the local residents, offices, commercial area and institutions to put wet and dry garbage in different bins. All safai karamcharis in Mohali will only pick garbage from your house/office if it has been segregated properly. In case you still use a single dustbin for wet and dry garbage both, your garbage will not be picked up from your doorstep.

The Garbage Segregation Project

To observe the World Environment Day on June 5 the Municipal Corporation of Mohali has designed the garbage segregation project to be implemented on the same day and spread awareness regarding it amongst the locals.

The MC officials told that the guidelines of the project has been explained to the safai karamcharis and they have been told to lift only the garbage that has already been separated at the source.

The garbage will be separated under two categories:

Biodegradable waste that consists:

  • paper
  • glass
  • vegetable peels
  • leftover food etc.

Non-Biodegradable waste:

  • rubber
  • batteries
  • styrofoam
  • metals
  • plastic
  • fiberglass etc.

Development of this project is important as all the garbage is separated by the garbage lifters later. All the residential areas, commercial areas, offices, institutions will be covered in this project.

Commencement Of The Project 

The pilot project of garbage segregation will start in Sector 71 first. The MC commissioner Rajesh Dhiman is encouraging locals to buy two separate bins to put wet waste and dry waste under this project.

The commissioner also informed that 35% subsidy will be provided to the public for investing in two dustbins system to encourage people to implement the new project. Moreover, to keep the garbage separated in the garbage cart separate compartments would be provided.

The biodegradable waste would be used to make compost and the non-biodegradable waste will help in generating electricity.

The MC is planning to spread awareness through hoardings, awareness campaigns, pamphlets etc.  The initiative is named “Waste-to-Wealth”.

The MC has already acquired land in the Sangoli area of Dera Bassi to put up a compost plant using the segregated waste.

Image Source = Hindustan Times


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