SBI Branch in Mohali Looted In Broad Daylight & This is Shocking

Armed Bank Robbery at Mohali’s SBI Branch in broad daylight has sent shock wave in the vicinity. An armed, masked man robbed the State Bank of India branch in Mohali recently. The SBI Branch is located in the industrial area Phase 7, Mohali where the robbery happened. The masked man robbed and ran off with around 5 lakh cash in a less than five-minute armed robbery.

What happened in Mohali SBI (Bank) Branch?

It was reported that a man armed with a gun looted the SBI Bank branch in the industrial area Phase 7, Mohali. Daring the robbery during broad daylight the accused entered the unguarded SBI branch in Mohali. In less than five minutes he ran away with around Rs. 7 lakh cash from the SBI branch. It was also stated that only five staffers were present inside the bank when the robbery happened at the SBI Branch in Mohali. The robberer pulled out the gun and asked the cashier to transfer the cash in the bag. Within five minutes he ran off from the bank in Mohali with Rs 7 lakh cash. Though in an effort to catch hold of the robberer the staff ran after him, but he managed to escape in his Volkswagen car.

Police turns the million dollar dream into nightmare

Within hours after the Rs 7.6-lakh broad daylight armed robbery of the SBI bank branch in Mohali shook the Police department, the police cracked the case and arrested a 30-year-old lawyer who was involved in executing the SBI Bank armed robbery in Mohali. The lawyer had been practicing at the district courts who robbed the unguarded State Bank of India branch in Mohali.

Who was the robberer of SBI Mohali Branch?

The Robberer has been identified as Manjinder Singh alumni of Post Graduate Government College, Sector 11. He attained the MA LLB degree from the law department at Panjab University. Staying in a rented accommodation at Sunny Enclave in Mohali the police arrested Manjinder Singh the same night. Manjinder Singh hailed from Ferozepur and executed the crime to pay off his debt.

Money, licensed weapon recovered

It was reported that the police has successfully recovered the money that was robbed from the SBI Bank Branch in Mohali. The Police has also recovered accused Manjinder’s licensed .32 bore pistol that was used in the crime.

Source: Hindustan Times


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