20-year-old Mohali Youth Shot Dead in USA | This is Shocking

A 20-year-old Mohali youth has been shot dead in the USA. The reports of the youth who was shot dead at a gas station in the USA has sent shock waves among the neighbours at the deceased’s Mohali resident in Sector 70, Mohali. Identified as Simranjit Singh (20) was a resident of Sector 70 in Mohali and was allegedly killed by a group at a gas station in south Sacramento in the USA.

Mohali youth shot dead in the USA

According to reports, deceased Simranjit Singh worked as a clerk at a gas station in the USA. He was gunned down two days ago at night around 10.30 pm while he was working at the gas station. Mohali resident Simranjit Singh had gone to the USA last year and had been working at the gas station for more than a year while staying with his elder sister, in Sacremento.

Why was the Mohali youth shot dead 

According to reports, Mohali-based Simranjit Singh was working at night at the gas station when some youngsters entered the convenience store at the gas station in the USA to buy some liquor. Simranjit Singh, the Mohali resident, was present at the gas station in the USA with two other employees when the youths allegedly started drinking and littering in the parking area of the gas station. When Simranjit Singh of Mohali and his fellow workers went to stop them, the group go indulged in a heated argument and thrashed Simranjit Singh and his colleague. Sensing danger from the youths Simranjit’s colleague rushed towards the gas station to call the police for help. While Simranjit’s fellow worker was trying to call Police, one of the youths pulled out a shot gun and killed Simranjit Singh. According to reports, the youth pumped in four-five bullets in Simranjit and he died on the spot due to excessive bleeding.

Simranjit Singh’s family here in Mohali

Ranjit Singh Bhangoo, father of Simranjit Singh was staying with his wife here at their Mohali residence in sector 70.  Simranjit Singh’s father has retired from Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) department in Mohali. According to information, their house in Sector 70, Mohali is locked as Simranjit’s parents are away from the country.

Source: The Tribune


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