A Monkey Bites 5 People in Just 2 days at Mohali’s Sector 69

Chandigarh is these days under the menace of a notorious monkey who is not only destructing people’s properties but is also biting and injuring them. Recently, there was news of monkey biting 5 people in two days in Sector 69 of Chandigarh/ Mohali. The monkey has become goon in the locality and anytime barges in the houses of the residents living in there.

There have four cases of monkey bites in Chandigarh’s Sector 69 in a week’s time and the victims of the monkey are panicking as it keeps on creating a ruckus.

Monkeys attack residents of Sector 69 Chandigarh

Recently, a monkey entered Sector 69 of Chandigarh and attacked people. It entered some of the houses and bit three persons. Not only this, the monkey scared children and damaged the property of the people. Reportedly, a 15- years- old girl, Suman has been unfortunate to get attacked and bit by a monkey. She received monkey bite and marks of its claws on her arms. Suman is getting treated at the Civil Hospital in Phase 6, Mohali. Suman was attacked by the monkey when she was playing outside her house. She is a resident of Kumbra village in Sector 69 of Chandigarh and a student of Class XI. Also, some passersby were also attacked by the monkey.

Situation under control, monkey caught

It is said that the monkey has terrorized residents of Chandigarh Sector 69 and Mohali while the officials of the Forest Department are unable to catch them. Prior to this, the Forest Department had caught the ruckus creating monkey but it got escaped due to their negligence as they failed to trap the monkey in the cage. However, the Forest department officials have sourced an equipment from Ropar to trap the monkey. They have also caught the monkey by the help of professional monkey catcher who gave a tranquilizer shot to get the hold on the monkey.

The residents of sector 69 Chandigarh near Mohali must now be relaxed as the Forest Department has caught the monkey but still people should be alert and agile to tackle with any other such ruckus creating an animal. The department should also be ready with proper equipment and trained manpower to deal with such a situation.

Source: tribuneindia.com


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