You’ll be Amazed to Know How Chandigarh is Fighting Mosquitoes in City Gardens

Mosquitoes are a big problem during summer season and it even gets worse at gardens, parks and other such places with absolutely no check on their breeding at such open public places. But, Chandigarh seems to be a different city all together. In a first of its kind initiative, the fisheries department of Chandigarh Administration has come forward with a solution which would stop mosquito breeding in gardens & major parks of Chandigarh.

Gardens such as Rose Garden, Leisure Valley, Shanti Kunj, Bougainvillea Garden etc. have a water stream running from north to south in between the gardens. As water is the major breeding source of mosquitoes, it is in this water stream that thousands of mosquitoes are born everyday and give rise to diseases like malaria & dengue. The fisheries department along with animal husbandry department have been successful to stop mosquito breeding in these gardens with their superb idea.

Chandigarh Fisheries Department & Mosquitoes

You would be wondering what the fisheries department has to do with mosquitoes. Well, this idea has helped curb mosquito growth and is actually working at all major gardens of Chandigarh.

The Idea:

There is a species of fish that live in low water beds and eat mosquito larvae. This fish is named Gambusia. The Chandigarh fisheries department has released 15,000 fishes at water beds in rock garden and the water stream in rose garden, leisure valley, shanti kunj, etc. One Gambusia fish is said to eat 50 to 100 mosquito larvae in a day and hence this would not let mosquito breed on the water surface.

The best thing is that these fishes were cultivated at the government fisheries farm behind Sukhna Lake.

This awesome step will help prevent mosquito breeding in these gardens and will also help prevent the diseases caused by mosquitoes. Kudos to the idea and all the work going behind by the officials to implement this awesome project.

We believe, this should become a regular exercise for every year, so that Chandigarh can be called a mosquito free city.


Ajay Deep

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