Most Commonly Asked Questions about Train Booking

Traveling by rail provides an unrivaled set of sensations, and in a large country like ours, there is simply too much to take in as you move from one location to the next. One of the most crucial tasks in planning your train journey is reserving your train tickets, and Trainman online train booking service makes this process simple. You could be traveling from practically any place in India, and you can easily make train bookings on trains that run the length and width of the country online. 

IRCTC Authorised Partner – Trainman is a critical step to embark on the journey, whether it’s for a well-planned extended vacation or a last-minute short trip. While on the go, you can order railway tickets for any train that meets your needs, check the train departure and arrival times, and check the train PNR status. 

What makes online train ticket purchase with Trainman, so simple is the convenience it provides and a slew of other options such as checking live train status, train schedule, and so on. You may also look at your booking history, and see all of your trips, upcoming excursions, completed voyages, and canceled bookings, among other things. 

Simply enter your starting and ending points and your travel dates, and you’ll have a list of all the trains available right in front of you. Book your preferred seats, subject to availability, and you’ll be set for your train journey. All of this may be done from the convenience of your own home or office, with no need to queue. 

Purchasing rail tickets has never been easier!  

Frequently Asked Questions- 

  1. Why should you use Trainman for train booking?

For hassle-free and reliable online train ticketing, Trainman, India’s largest local search engine, offers the following exclusive features:  

– The ability to order rail tickets online by either picking the station or the train. 

– The ability to check seat availability. 

– Ability to initiate a train inquiry by entering the train’s name or number. 

– The ability to check your ticket’s PNR status by just providing your name, mobile number, and the OTP generated. 

You may book Tatkal and Premium Tatkal tickets on the website and on the Trainman mobile app, from anywhere and at any time! 

– Trainman accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit, debit, net banking, UPI, and other wallets.  

  1. Explain what terms like RAC, PQWL, GNWL, TQWL, and RLWL mean in railway reservations?

All of the other words, with the exception of RAC, are variations of the waiting list (WL). A number on the waiting list indicates a passenger’s waitlist status. The following are the definitions of the terms stated above: 

– A RAC ticket entitles you to travel on a specified train, but instead of a full seat/berth, you will be assigned half of a side berth for the duration of your voyage. 

– PQWL denotes that a single seat is shared by several passengers moving from one point to another, such as from a beginning point to a midway station or from a midway point to a terminating point. 

– GNWL refers to waitlisted tickets for travelers traveling from a station near the starting station to a station near the ending station. 

– TQWL stands for Tatkal Ticket Waiting List. TQWL tickets bypass RAC and are confirmed directly; however, GNWL is still a top priority. 

– RLWL is granted for tickets purchased for key or popular stations located between the start and termination points. These tickets are usually given higher priority than others. However, the chances of getting any of the tickets on this list are quite slim. 

  1. When can rail tickets be booked in Tatkal?

Tatkal rail ticketing enables you to purchase train tickets at the last minute. The Tatkal quota opens one day before the departure date from the station where the train will depart. Tatkal booking begins at 10 a.m. for air-conditioned (AC) classes and 11 a.m. for non-air-conditioned (Non-AC) classes. When booking Tatkal tickets, keep in mind that you must select the Tatkal quota.  

  1. What is Premium Tatkal booking?

The Indian railways have introduced Premium Tatkal tickets, which feature dynamic rates, for booking online train tickets. It’s worth noting that ticket costs rise as the number of reservations grows. Ticket prices are determined by the number of seats available and the cost of reserving. 

  1. How many days prior can I do train booking?

You can purchase tickets up to 120 days in advance, not including the date of travel.  

  1. How many tickets can I book at a time?

You can book at least one and a maximum of six tickets at a time, with the exception of Tatkal tickets, which can only be booked in groups of four. Only two children under the age of five can be scheduled at a time, however, they cannot be ticked in the same slot. Passengers’ information must be provided at the time of booking when selecting preferred seats/berths.  

  1. Are children charged for train tickets?

Children under the age of five are not charged for railway tickets; however, children aged five to twelve must obtain a ticket. If a berth is required, full payment must be made. IRCTC train tickets for minors (between the ages of 5 and 12) come with a 50% discount for a seat but not a berth. 

  1. Do you need any documentation for online train booking?

When purchasing tickets online, no documents are required; however, when traveling by rail, suitable identification is required, such as an Aadhaar card, a PAN card, a driver’s license, and so on.  

  1. What are the concessions for senior citizens?

According to IRCTC train ticket reservation criteria, male senior citizens over the age of 60 and female senior citizens over the age of 58 will receive a 40% discount on railway tickets for the Rajdhani/Express/Mail/Duronto/Shatabdi/Jan-Shatabdi group of trains and a 50% discount for women. Tickets for the Gatimaan, Humsafar, Garib Rath, Vande Bharat, and Suvidha train/class/quota will not be discounted. 

  1. How do I check the status of my PNR on Trainman?

On the Trainman train booking page, follow the steps below to verify the PNR status (whether the train ticket online booking is confirmed or not): 

  1. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Check PNR Status.’
  2. After providing your name and mobile number, select the ‘Send OTP’ option.
  3. Enter the one-time password (OTP) that was supplied to your mobile phone. Once you’ve finished the process, you’ll be directed to the Indian Railway PNR status website.


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