Most Popular Online Casino Games In India

The practice of gambling in Indian culture and traditions are not a new development. Gaming has been around since the time of the Ramayan or approximately 7200 BC — therefore, casinos and the act of gambling are not a recent phenomenon. Indians are exposed to card games as a recreational activity and a means of fun from a very young age. Playing card games with cash at stake is a common pastime for enjoyment and bonding in their households. Gambling has become prevalent due to this fact and hence is handed over from age to age. 

There are currently over 20 brick-and-mortar casino sites for citizens in India. Also, over the past several years, there has been an increase in internet gambling in the nation as well. But it’s not entirely the numbers or popularity of casinos that matters. The kind of games that are played also contribute to the growth of the sector as a whole. Some games are so renowned in India that even the best online casinos in the UK, US, and other parts of the world feature them in their selections.

Some of these games are available on prominent US gambling sites such as Silveredge Casino and other gaming websites featured on CasinoUSA. If you want to access some Indian-themed casino games in the United States, you can learn more information about Silveredge and other gambling brands that feature these games before you get started.

Meanwhile, this article will highlight India’s 5 most popular online casino games. So, continue reading. 

  1. Andar Bahar

This game also referred to as Katti, is centered on wagering on the card’s color. Thirteen cards are dealt face down in a row by the dealer. The participants pick cards and place bets on them either inside (andar) or outside (bahar). After all bets have been placed, the dealer will work based on the indicator card. The indicator card’s color determines which stakes gain and which stakes lose. 

A unique feature of this activity is that participants can also wager against one another. As a result, a player could lose a wager against the dealer while winning a wager against other players.

  1. Roulette

Roulette is one of the most widely played casino games available in India. The game has existed for centuries, and there are numerous varieties that players can participate. With 36 wheel slots and a single dealer, the most popular variations of roulette offer players multiple chances to win real money.

Players have the chance to wager on various features when playing roulette online. For instance, you can place bets on colors, numbers, and more. Once the ball falls on the feature or number you wager on after the spin, you win. 

  1. Slots

Slot machine games are among India’s most-played online casino games and are the mainstay of every online casino. The versatility of slot machine themes is one of their best features. There are well-known masterpieces, including Pompeii, Lucky Wheel, and Book of the Dead. 

Indian-themed slots are popular in India. Two specific games are even more popular and fun to play. They are Pearls India and The Wonders of the Taj Mahal. Users can also try slot games like Ganesha Fortune, Hot Spin, and Cricket Kings from 10CRIC. Slots are easy to play, and players can win big rewards by wagering just a few Rupees.

  1. Craps

Another enjoyable online casino game in India is craps. People of all age brackets and classes play it most frequently. Playing the game is quite easy and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge or abilities.

The fundamental goal of this activity is to score a seven or an eleven on the dice. Two, three, or twelve must be avoided. They are referred to as garbage numbers. Any other number you roll results in a point. To win, a player must toss a point once more and land on a seven. You can win cash in the line of bets on each throw whenever you secure a winning combination. 

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is a straightforward game with a handful of simple rules. The game aims to achieve a card score that is as near as 21 points without going over. Before viewing their cards, players place their bets. The dealer has two players with cards face down, then turns over one card after another, beginning with the person to the dealer’s left to reveal their hand.

After that, the dealer scores the hands following the rules after comparing each player’s hand of cards. Depending on the total, players might decide whether to hit or stand. Finally, it all comes down to timing and analyzing the table in this game. The goal is to make the dealer lose money (get a hand of over 21) or to get you to secure a blackjack (a hand of 21) 


Online casino games are becoming increasingly popular in the Indian gambling industry. Several games with different payout returns, themes, and orientations are available for anyone interested in playing them. All a player needs to do is browse the best gaming websites that offer them, register, and play to win real money.


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