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Mother Arrested in Chandigarh After She Put Her Daughter in Hospital | Video Went Viral, Check here

Chandigarh has been making news for some very shocking incidents these days. Recently, a Women a Mother got arrested by Chandigarh Police for the crime of assaulting her young daughter. The incident of arrest took place on Monday when a  mother put her daughter in Hospital after breaking her leg. The incident was recorded and was shared on the Internet. The video was made by her son, brother of the young girl who had misfortune with her own mother.

Stepmother Brutally Beats Stepdaughter and Puts her in Hospital

This Chandigarh news got viral after the video was released to the media. The arrest was made on Monday but the incident took place two-and-a-half months before. On asking the father, we came to know that Kaur was not the real mother of the girl. After the death of the first mother, the real mother of the young girl, her father, Mr. Manmohan Singh married Kaur in 2016. He was in shock to see the behavior of the woman she married towards his daughter from the first wife. The arrest was made after the police complaint was filed by the father against Kaur. Father came to know about this brutal incident with her daughter when his son showed her the recording.

In the video recorded by the brother of the victim, one can clearly see the haterade that this woman has for her step-daughter. Kaur put her step-daughter in the Jute Bag and hit her continuously on the floor. This much cruelty from the woman who has one daughter of her own has shocked the entire India and media. Any kind of domestic violence is a crime and beating a kid to her mere death is a crime that can not be forgiven. Chandigarh Inspector Devinder Singh has filed the FIR under Section 75 stating the Juveline Justice Act and Section 323 that states assault under IPC.

Till date, the Girl is kept at Snehalaya and is later to be released into the custody of her Father. Singh and Kaur have been living apart since the Father came to know about the incident. According to the sources, two months back Kaur has made a suicide attempt and was saved in the nick of time. Chandigarh Police has arrested the Stepmother and is building a strong case against her.

Source – Indian Express 


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