Moto X4 Pictures Released | Get a First Look of Upcoming Moto X4

Prior to the launch, the market is struck by the leaked pictures of Moto X4. Coming forth the new Motorolla X4 model is quiet in the news nowadays because of its upcoming big launch. Recently, the leaked images of the lined up Moto X4 have surfaced in the Market. After the leak of the specs for the same model now comes the leaked set of pictures for the model. Although the leaked images were all the same that was leaked before, still it has depicted some of the promising features that we can expect from the new Moto X4.

Here, is the leaked image of the Moto X4 

This leaked image of Moto X4 clearly depicts the glossy and shiny body that appear similar to the previously leaked images. From the photos, it is very clear that the mobile phone is equipped with a dual camera. Along with other specifications like round corner design, large screen with bezels at the top and bottom.

Previously Released Specs of Motto X4 

As per the previous leaks, we have been reported that the Moto X4 model is equipped with the full HD 5.2-inch display along with the Snapdragon 630 processor. Also, as per the leaks, Moto X4 is expected to have 3GB RAM along with the 32 GB of internal storage. The new Moto X4, as per the leaks have a 16-megapixel camera and dual rear-facing cameras embedded with a 12-megapixel sensor. The cameras that are embedded in Moto X4 are equipped with the dual autofocus feature along with the 8-megapixel ultra wide sensor.

Motorola Calls Media on 24th August for more Information

As per the recent updates, the device Moto X4 is selling in US market for $400. Also, Lenovo’s Higher end moto Z2 was released this year yielding average reviews and ratings, selling at $720. Also as per the floating news, it has come to light that Motorola has invited the press for August 24th in Brazil, so let’s hope to get more information on the upcoming Moto X4.

Source – The Verge


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