6 Famous Motor Markets in Chandigarh (For Cars & Bikes)

Motor markets in Chandigarh is a huge attraction because of wide range of services available for your locomotives at a reasonable cost. In Chandigarh, with over 1.2 million population, the city has around 1.1 million cars and two wheelers which are privately owned.

Also, a city which has a maximum number of women drivers who do not shy away from riding a “BULLET”, there must be sufficient doctors in the form of Motor Markets available for these locomotives to run smoothly on the amazing roads of Chandigarh.

Motor Markets in Chandigarh

Here’s a list of 6 famous motor markets of Chandigarh that are frequently visited by residents.

Sector 28 Motor Market, Chandigarh

This motor market takes benefit of its location as it is in close proximity to all the leading car showrooms ranging from BMW, to Hyundai to Honda in the Industrial Area of Chandigarh. Presence of amazing car dealers dealing in car accessories like seat covers, rear views etc., this motor market beats the quality of servicing provided even at the showrooms.

Sector 38 Motor Market, Chandigarh

Just the way a doctor tells the problem from which a patient is going through only by checking the pulse of his hand, mechanics of this Chandigarh based motor market boast of doing the similar treatment to your vehicles, treating them just like their own. They do servicing, repairing, maintenance everything at a price that you would not mind shelling out bucks for.

Motor Market, Sector 43

Dealing in two- wheeler locomotives especially Bikes, this motor market in Chandigarh won’t fail to satisfy all the needs that your dying bike needs. Ahh! and for all those bike lovers in Chandigarh, this motor market is going to be your temple for the quality of materials they use and the service they provide.

Sector 48 Motor Market

Adding value to the vehicle and life in its appearance as they have magic in their hands, the mechanics of this motor market are extremely busy on Sundays. So, patiently be in the queue and wait for your turn as they say “Good things take time.” Apart from services, Motor market sector 48 Chandigarh even has electronic assistance availablefor your cars.

Sector 21, Scooter Market

So you think you only are the biggest fan of the movie Dhoom. Visit this motor market to get your bike serviced once, and you would realise that ‘Ali’  the character played by Uday Chopra in the movie has more fan following at this place than anybody else. So, they know when the bike needs its doctor. Take your baby to scooter market in Sector 21 Chandigarh.

New Motor Market, Manimajra

Manimajra in Chandigarh boasts of one of its kinds motor markets of all times. The most sought after place where vehicles find their new life. Visit this motor market to justify your love for your vehicle.

Chandigarh – the city beautiful boasts of a “Thing for its place and a place for Everything.” These motor markets in Chandigarh are only less talked about but that surely doesn’t mean that they are of any less importance.

Know any other motor market? Let us know in the comments below.

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