Motorola Moto Mods Launched at Staring Price Rs 5,999 in India | Rent For Rs 399 Per Week

Motorola Moto Mods at an amazing price of Rs 5999 launched in India and it can be rented on Rs 399 per week. Yes, that‘s right!  Recently, Motorola has come up with its new range of Moto Mods in India in three variants ideal for users who love to listen to music and play games on their mobile phones.

The magnetic backplates with modular, sleek and sturdy design is what Motorola Moto Mods look likes. These backplates are developed to attach with the Motorola’s new Moto Z series smartphone and then the device will work like a boombox, a projector or powerhouse for your mobile’s battery.

Specifications & feature of Motorola Moto Mods 

Talking about the specifications and features of the Motorola Moto Mods, the device comes with speaker mod by JBL SoundBoost 2 , the GamePad mod and the TurboPower Pack Battery mod as per the preference of the user. The first variant, JBL SoundBoost 2 offers to render quality music just like parties with the playtime of 10 hours. However, the user using Motorola JBL SoundBoost 2 mod can adjust the sound by downloading an app -My JBL SoundBoost 2.

The GamePad Mod, which is the second variant allows the user of the device to transform their mobile into a gaming console that can be used on the go. Decked up with dual-control sticks, the Motorola GamePad Mod features D-pad, 1035 mAH battery and four action buttons for better gaming. The third and the last variant, Moto TurboPower Pack Mod is to make your device a powerhouse of battery for long lasting life to the Moto Z series smartphone.

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Moto Mods India price Rs 5999 & Rs 399 for rent per week

All the three Motorola Moto Mods are available across India at the exclusive Motorola stores by the name of ‘Moto Hubs’ or via Flipkart only. Motorola has joined hands with ‘RentoMojo’ to rent out the Moto Mods to the users who cannot afford to buy or need the device for a smaller period of time. To rent the Motorola Moto Mods, Rs 399 per week is the cost However, the price of JBL SoundBoost 2 and the Game Pad Mod mod is Rs 6,999 while Moto TurboPower Pack Mod is priced at Rs 5,999.

The company, Motorola had committed to build a better future for the mobile phone using and with such devices like Motorola Moto Mods, it has created limitless possibilities for enhanced and technology oriented experiences.



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