Moving Company Zeromax is based in NYC

We are an NYC moving company. Are you planning a simple move? Maybe a distance or local move? We recommend that you use the total assistance provided by Zeromax. Our team will manage the moving preparations. We will also deliver the items to the address that you provide. We are here to assist you with experienced movers and quick service regardless of the time of treatment. Orders can be made 24/7 and equipment will arrive within 15 minutes after you have agreed on the details.

Our Moving Services

Our movers from New York are only professionals who know their work well. We’re also able to offer you packaging material at wholesale prices. Regular customers can take advantage of our savings. Local moving services offered by us can be paid by cash or with a non-cash payment.

  1. Residential moving companies – If you employ the services for residential relocation offered by our company, then you’ll get rid of all the hassle of paying for the services of skilled workers. The firm that manages to move apartments along with packing also offers the assembly and installation of appliances and furniture.
  2. Flat rate movers – Flat rate moving services are available only to professional movers. Transport and assembly of furniture.
  3. Fine art movers – Family photos, small mirrors, and other accent pieces of art should be wrapped in bubble wrap and newsprint before being placed vertically in an empty cardboard box that is lined with bubble wrap or foam pad.
  4. Professional movers – Commercial movers are skilled at the job. They are aware of all the details. A professional company is far better than a private mover. They could do the job wrong and could harm your belongings. There is no right to compensation in this situation. This is why it’s not worth the effort to employ commercial movers at the lowest cost.
  5. Local Movers Local Movers – Our local movers are knowledgeable of the region and know how to move. They have an understanding of the layouts of a majority of houses and businesses within the region. Using this knowledge Our professional movers can predict what kinds of materials and packaging you’ll require, and they are more likely to have the essential consumables readily available.
  6. Moving boxes that are cheap – We employ professional drivers and movers, as well as the ability to manufacture their packaging and can move even the most delicate items. Furthermore, our business(online app) bears full financial responsibility.
  7. Long-distance movers – We will manage your long-distance move professionally and efficiently. Your entire staff will be packed carefully to transport long distances.
  8. Storage – Relocation of warehouse or production facility. Warehouse shelving assembly/disassembly.

Moving Cost Calculator and its Features

You’ll need to estimate the expense of moving your belongings from an apartment, cottage, or office. If the amount of work involved is low, it is possible to estimate the cost of moving the property from a distance. For example, if the office space is designed for 10 workers. To ensure the most precise calculation when calling the transportation firm, it is necessary to answer several questions regarding the quantity of property to be transported So, the customer must have the necessary information ready in advance.

Moving requires a lot of calculations and estimates, from miles to bring supplies. One of the main elements of the process of moving is the amount of space you need for your furniture and personal possessions. It is crucial to determine how much space your belongings will take up to avoid paying for too many spaces. Enter each item you intend to transport along with its basic dimensions in the calculator below. The moving estimate calculator will tell you how many square meters your possessions will cover. You can use this calculation of square footage to help you make an informed decision on how to transport your belongings to a new location.

Why do you pick Zeromax?

  • Personal
  • Responsibilities for property and its finalization
  • Free of charge valuer’s visit anytime you like,
  • Only professionals, not off-the-street movers.
  • We have vast experience in complex removals.
  • During the process of moving, supervise staff and transport throughout the process.

A professional staff, in-house transportation cost-effective prices, experience, and knowledge all help us to make every move fast, safe, and at the highest level of comfort for our clients. Hire our mover and our team will guarantee an enjoyable and secure move to a different apartment. Every order is allocated enough movers to ensure the job can be completed in the best efficient and secure way.


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