Mr & Mrs Murarilal Play at Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh

Aiming to promote theatre and plays in the city beautiful Chandigarh, Tagore theatre along with Department of Cultural Affairs, Chandigarh Administration has organized a performance of a play titled as ‘Mr and Mrs Murarilal’. Chandigarh had full on laugh with the hindi comedy play, that left each and every audience with a smile on their face. While providing entertainment, the play later turned into serious note and revealed some bitter truth of the society for the senior citizens.

Details of Mr and Mrs Murarilal Play, Chandigarh

Mr & Mrs Murlilal, Chandigarh

Date: 17th December 2016

Day: Saturday

Venue: Tagore Theatre, Sector 18 B, Chandigarh

Timing: 6:30 onwards

Tickets: Rs.300 and Rs. 500 (Available at Tagore theatre, Tourism Information Centre Capitol Complex and Sector 17 Plaza)

Highlights and about Mr and Mrs Murarilal

‘Mr and Mrs Muralilal’ that has been performed in Chandigarh’s Tagore Theatre was just way ahead of perfection. The play has been written, produced and directed by Saif Hyder Khan and its storyline was made by using satire and fragmented experiences to bring focus on some contemporary realities of Society.

  • The play featured Bollywood actor- director ‘Satish Kaushik’ and TV star ‘Meghna Malik’.
  • The play focused on some contemporary realities of Society.
  • It showed the enjoyment of senior citizens
  • Later, on it showcased the woes of senior citizens

Along with these, the play has also showcased that what all the senior citizens face at their old age. Both the actors have perfectly played heir part of role and make the play as great as then can.

The audience of the city beautiful Chandigarh was really enjoyed the realistic performance of both the stars, those who lived up to their character. The play not only entertained the people but also make them come across with the realities of the society.


Gurjit Kaur

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