MTV Roadies 2018 (Season 16): Here’s What Happened in the Chandigarh Audition

After Delhi audition, MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 (Season 16) moved to the city beautiful Chandigarh & the third episode of the same started with its glimpse. With the great talent from Delhi, the journey of MTV Roadies 2018 headed towards Chandigarh in the search for some more. From huge gathering outside the audition venue, few of them got selected for the personal interview round after clearing the group discussion in Chandigarh.

As the happening city, MTV Roadies 2018 judges also seems much excited for the audition in the city. Rannvijay, Raftaar, Prince, Neha & Nikhil entered the Venue in Chandigarh in Renault Duster with full force. And the Chandigarh audition started with a bang. Check out below the overall scenario of MTV Roadies Season 16 Chandigarh audition.

MTV Roadies 2018 Chandigarh Audition Happenings

Although the 3rd episode started with Delhi audition but moved to the city beautiful Chandigarh audition in the mid. With Punjabi songs & bhangra, Chandigarhian showed their excitement for MTV Roadies 2018 to another level. At the very first, Rannvijay himself mentioned that the young blood of Chandigarh has that Roadies factor in it. From Bani J to Prince Narula, the city has given many Roadies. Started with a contestant named as Rashmeet Kaur, Navpreet Singh, Harpawit Singh & Shubhada Nishtala.

Opened with a sweet-jolly girl, Rashmeet Kaur, who liked Raftaar as she confesses the same in front of all. Then came the bodybuilder Navneet but MTV Judges judged him that he has been on steroids. And further came the Mr. Punjab contestant Harpawit Singh & the last one was Shubhada Nistala.

Who gets selected @ Chandigarh audition of MTV Roadies Xtreme Season 16

The very first contestant entertained MTV Roadies 2018 gang leaders with her sweet talks & aim of making everyone happy. And she got a light from Rannvijay & Nikhil Chinnappa. But the second contestant, Navpreet Singh found to be on steroids that made judges disturbing. Then Harpawit also disturbed the gang leader with his bullshit form.

After a bad start with the Chandigarh audition journey of MTV Roadies Season Xtreme X6, gang leaders got a relief when the last contestant entered & she was a Telugu girl named Shubhada Nishtala, who even gone through 10 years of Classical dance training. Now that’s what Chandigarh has to show to the gang leaders of MTV Roadies Xtreme X6 (2018).

Check out in episode 4 of MTV Roadies Xtreme X6 that what more Chandigarhian have to show for the amazing new series of much-awaited reality show of MTV Channel.


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