MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018: Here’s What Eliminated Contestants Have to Say? | Some Expected to be Back

MTV Roadies Xtreme for the year 2018 seems to be full of unexpected twist and turns for contestants as well as the gang leaders. With each of the vote out, some of the other friendship on the MTV Roadies show has been coming to an end for the year 2018. Even the fight has been aiming the gang leaders as well, be Neha- Prince or Nikhil- Raftaar.

Although the show has now reached its midway, still fans are unable to read out the strategy of the contestants of MTV Roadies Xtreme. From Top 20 to now Top 10, MTV Roadies has been close to announcing the winner of the show soon.

MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018: Here’s What Eliminated Contestants have to Say?

Started with Top 20 contestant, MTV Xtreme has now been left with Top 10 contestants and the planning plotting for the game has gone to another level. No one has now been playing for the friends or gang, each and everyone has been playing for self. Although after so many sessions from the gang leaders, still, MTV Roadies 2018 contestants are not going as per them.

Lastly, Mehakdeep Singh (Chandigarh) has been evicted from the show and as per him, he feels betrayed by Prince Narula’s gang. On another hand, Prince’s gang took revenge of Minnie Rohilla by eliminating Mehak from the show. As because Mehak only betrayed by voting out Minnie. Whereas as per Minnie, she was targeted being Prince Narula’s favorite in MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018.

Will any of the Evicted Contestant be back on the Journey of MTV Roadies 2018?

Although as it is MTV Roadies Xtreme and the show is full of surprises and shock, after getting eliminated too early, Abhishek returned back as a wild card in MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018. Even Sharan for the third time entered Roadies show on MTV. It may happen some more eliminated contestants may return to MTV Roadies 2018 as wild card entries.

Also being Prince Narula’s favorite may help Minnie Rohilla to get an entry in the show again or Mehak, who recently voted out from the show may come in with a new strategy. MTV Roadies is all about unexpected things, nothing is stable and forever in the show. So keep your eye on MTV channel every Sunday at 7 Pm for the new updates of MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018.


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