MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 (Season 16): Here’s What has been Awaiting for Contestants at Ziro

MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018: The most adventurous show on TV MTV Roadies Season 16 has reached its final destination with Top 10 contestants last week only. Now it is for sure that the journey from now onwards will be much unexpectable for the Gangs. Last week only Rannvijay surprised the contestants and Gang leaders by announcing the final destination of the show MTV Roadies Xtreme journey.

In the very last episode only, Rannvijay surprised by announcing the final destination as well as shocked the audience with double elimination in MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018. Check out the written update of MTV Roadies Xtreme 29 July 2018 episode below.

MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018: Final Destination Ziro of Season 16 of the show

Before reaching the final destination, MTV Roadies Xtreme contestants got a shock of the double elimination. After Geetika (Gang Raftaar) and Nikav (Gang Neha) being targeted, Top 10 contestants have reached the ultimate destination of the show i.e Ziro. Whereas the ultimate titled fight between the gangs has gone tougher with Ziro. As the first task of MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 at Ziro has shown the glimpse of the same.

MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 Top 10 contestants at Ziro has been fighting hard to reach to the grand finale of the show. Along with the contestants, the fight has now been in between the gangs and the alliances as well. Scroll down for the latest updates of the show MTV Roadies Season 16.

Written Updates of Latest Episode of MTV Roadies Xtreme Season 16 (2018)

In the last episode, when the contestants reached to Ziro destination firstly they have to go through a task for them to be safe from the elimination of MTV Roadies Xtreme Season 16. After the declaration of the result, out of the Top 10 contestants, 6 got safe from the next elimination and rest 4 finally went to the elimination zone of MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 show.

Now the votes on the elimination night of MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 latest episode will decide who will leave the show out of Shubhda (Gang Raftaar), Shruti (Gang Nikhil), Rohan (Gang Nikhil) and Sharan (Gang Prince). Although the latest episode of MTV Roadies will leave all mum with the suprise of double elimination and 2 strong contestants out of the four will be sent back home. Find out the full drama of the elimination round of MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 only of MTV Channel or voot at 7 pm onwards only on Sunday.


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