MTV Splitsvilla X (2017) Winning Couple – Baseer Naina & Priyank Divya | Grand Final Show Result

MTV Splitsvilla Season 10 (2017) has reached its grand finale & winner is all set to be announced. After defeating many of the Splitsvillan in various tasks, finally Baseer- Naina & Priyank- Divya make it to the final showdown. Although the show was all about- catch your match for the contestants as announced by Rannvijay & Suny Leone on the very first episode of MTV Splitsvilla X.

And today finally the day has come when either of the one couples will become the winner of MTV Splitsvilla 2017 (Season 10). Be it Baseer- Naina or Priyank- Divya? Whosoever wins the show but atleast they have won our hearts on MTV Splitsvilla X.

MTV Splitsvilla X (2017) Grand Finale: Finalists Set for the Final Battle

As Season 10 of MTV Splitsvilla was based on the concept of catch your ideal match, but for the 2 finalists, the same did not work. As both the finalists Priyank-Divya & Baseer-Naina have been denied by the Oracle as the ideal match but then also both the couples made it to the grand finale of MTV Splitvilla Season 10. After getting through lot of ups & downs in their relationship during the show, even then Priyank-Divya & Baseer-Naina are now ready to fight opposite each other in the Grand finale task of Splitsvilla Season 10.

Apart from the love life, Splitsvilla 10 has also seen the friendship between Priyank & Baseer. As on the very first episode, Priyank & Baseer decided to make it to the grand finale together in any situation. And now it’s the grand finale of MTV Splitsvilla 2017, it will be a battle of friendship & love between Baseer-Naina & Priyank- Divya in the task.

And here’s the winner of MTV Splitsvilla 2017 (Season 10)

As Divya Aggarwal stepped back to the show MTV Splitsvilla X just before the semi-finals, it was expected that Priyak- Divya will come together as the winner of the show. But as per the rumors on the name of MTV Splitsvilla 2017 (Season 10) winner, it seems Baseer-Naina will become the ultimate winner of the show. Baseer-Naina beat Priyank-Divya on grand finale task & picked up the trophy of MTV Splitsvilla X.

Watch out the full Grand finale episode of Splitsvilla Season 10 (2017) on MTV Channel @ 7 pm onwards.

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