MTV Splitsvilla 10 (2017): Here’s Who Might be Eliminated This Time After Akash Chaudhary

Popular show of MTV Channel, Splitsvilla 10 (2017) is on the edge to get its winner for this season. But still, the twist and turns of the show have been haunting the contestants and the race for the ultimate winner is on. Episode after episode, contestants of Splitsvilla 10 is fighting tough to make it to the grand finale and be close to the winner’s trophy.

Every Sunday @ 7 pm, people stuck to their TV sets just to watch the ultimate dating show Splitsvilla on MTV Channel. Still, many contestants are there who are going to be eliminated from MTV Splitsvilla 2017 and soon the show will get the winner of the show.

MTV Splitsvilla 10 (2017): Latest Happenings of the Show

Recently, MTV Splitsvilla 10 has a wild card entry as Aquib, who is also an ex-boyfriend of Alisha. With the new entry, many things have been changed in the game plan in the show. On the very last episode of Splitsvilla 10, not only Hritu’s connection Akash got eliminated. But also the ideal couple Alisha-Hannet went back to the unsafe zone in the MTV Splitsvilla 2017. As newly announced ideal match Steffi and Mohit have to swap one ideal couple from the 3 to be in that position.

Although after Haneet-Alisha bounced back to the unsafe zone, domb session of MTV Splitsvilla 10 became a war zone between Alisha-Haneet, Baseer and Priyank. The fight became so worse that Priyank and Baseer got physical with Haneet. But in all this, now the eyes turned in to Hritu because everybody is now worried about her game plan for MTV Splitsvilla 2017.

And Here’s the contestant Who is Going Home from MTV Splitsvilla Season 10

After in the last episode, Mohit and Steffi got the chance to get in front of Oracle and test their compatibility as an ideal couple. And surprisingly Oracle announced Steffi-Mohit as an ideal couple. And as per the decision of the new ideal match in MTV Splitsvilla 10, Akash Chaudhary got eliminated from the show. We may expect Hritu to stay back as she is all set to give a tough fight. And even Divya-Aquib will be there as they both make a couple which may play the game further. As last time Ripu got lucky enough, we may assume this time he will be the one who will be eliminated from MTV Splitsvilla 10. But as the show is full of twist & turns let’s see who go back home out of- Baseer, Ripu, Aquib, Divya, Naina or Hritu.

To find out, watch the latest episode of Splitsvilla 10 (2017) on MTV Channel @ Sunday 7 pm.

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