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MTV Splitsvilla 2018: Sunny Leone and Rannvijay have launched the new season of Spiltsvilla with amazing changes for the year 2018. With superhit 10 seasons, finally, MTV Splitsvilla has come up with Season 11. But likewise all the seasons, Splitsvilla 2018 also came up with twist and turns. Although it will be revealed whether its worth it for a relationship or not.

Top 20 contestants have entered the Splitsvilla 2018 house and also have started finding their connection in the show. It seems this year it would be lil tough for the contestant to find out their true love on MTV Splitsvilla Season 11. Last year it was Baseer who found his true bond with Naina and won the season along.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 11 (2018): New Change of the Dating Show

Unlike all the seasons, MTV Splitsvilla 2018 also began with Top 20 contestants, out of 10 are handsome boys and 10 are beautiful girls. As we saw last year only, MTV Splitsvilla introduced an Oracle to find out the ideal couple in the show according to Science. In the new season 11 of MTV Splitsvilla as well, Oracle will play the same role but there has been an added responsibility to the same.

In the all-new season of MTV Splitsvilla 2018, contestants will get a chance to have a secret session with the Oracle. That means those who will get eliminated from the dating show, will name his/her partner and find out whether they were an ideal match or not. If the result of the contestant is positive, then the non-eliminated contestant will have to suffer a punishment on MTV Splitsvilla 11.

Written update of Episode 1 of MTV Splitsvilla 2018

As its Splitsvilla, nothing will be like before. On the very first episode, Rannvijay and Sunny Leone introduced the girl contestant and then asked them to choose a boy. But they cannot see the boy, firstly few boys were all wet with chocolate and then the girls were asked to pick a guy for them. After that few boys entered the MTV Splitsvilla 11 with a mask and then other girls got chance to pick one from them.

Whereas on the very first day itself, Chetan Titre from Nagpur was eliminated out by the girls from MTV Splitsvilla 2018. But as announced by Rannvijay, Chetan will go through a secret session with Oracle and let’s see which girl become his ideal match on MTV Splitsvilla 11. Watch out the full episode of Splitsvilla 2018 only on MTV on Sunday from 7 pm onwards.


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