MTV Splitsvilla 2018 (Season 11): Will Samyuktha be Out From the Show?

MTV Splitsvilla 2018: Season 11 of MTV Splitsvilla has become a never-ending surprise for the contestants. In the last episode only, Rannvijay and Sunny Leone introduces the wild card entry actress Samyuktha Hedge in the show. With the entry of the wild card, contestant’s tables have turned for many contestants in the Splitsvilla 2018.

From the first episode till now, contestants have been juggling between themselves for the ideal matches. Till date, only 3 ideal matches have been found on MTV Splitsvilla Season 11. Check out more happenings on the latest episode of the dating reality show MTV Splitsvilla 2018 below.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 11 (2018): Will the Contestants eliminate Samyuktha?

Actress Samyuktha Hedge entered MTV Splitsvilla 2018 with a sensational dance performance and made boys turn heads. After the entry only, Samyuktha broke the connection between Simba and Maera, as Simba switch to her. For the very first time only, Simba and Samyuktha then performed the task together but fails to win it and directly falls into the dumping zone on MTV Splitsvilla 2018.

After coming back to the villa, all the safe contestants along with the ideal matches plan to dump out Samyuktha and Simba. Even between the planning session, Samyukta had a tiff with Anushka, who is an ideal match with Kabir. Lastly, all the Splisvillans decided to throw out Samyuktha from the game. But the final result of the dome session is yet to come. Will the Oracle turn the decision or Samyuktha has to leave?

Check out the happening of the latest episode of MTV Splitsvilla 2018

As per the teaser of the latest episode of MTV Splitsvilla 2018, once again in the dome session, Anushka and Samyuktha will be in front of each other. After the dome session, all the Splitsvillans will get ready for the next Baywatch session which will show them the dirt in each other. Rannvijay and Sunny Leone will make contestants to dump each other face with ‘kichad’. Even this will bring up hot arguments between the contestants of MTV Splitsvilla Season 11.

To find out whether Samyuktha will be out? Or Simba will be back to Maera and more happening in the latest episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 11 on Sunday 7 Pm onwards.


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