A Mughlai Food Fest is Being Organized at Hotel Oyster, Chandigarh

Mughals have made tremendous contributions for India. Apart from dotting the country with architectural marvels, they also had a strong influence on our cuisine. What we call Indian food today is heavily influenced by Mughlai food. Recipes that they brought with them and adapted using local ingredients, spices and craft have been kept alive over the years. The food is rich, aromatic and full of flavour.

To offer Chandigarhians the best of Mughlai cuisine, Hotel Oyster is organising a Mughlai Food Festival at its exclusive Sky Lounge Bar & Restaurant. Tricity residents can relish the truly mughlai cuisine and take a culinary trip down the lanes of Lucknow & Agra, savour the mouth watering Awadhi delicacies in the enchanting rooftop ambience with live music.

The meat dishes served all over the lanes of Agra & Lucknow were once the specialty of royal food. These cities house restaurants, food corners that serve the best Mughlai cuisine in India. The baked meat, bread and chicken are the best in the menu. Kababs/ tandoor is one of the most delicious things offered . All the goodness of food that these royal cities offer, are brought to Chandigarh during this “Mughlai Food Fest”, with authentic and traditional Mughlai items meticulously prepared by a Master Chef Hassan, who is a specialist in Mughlai cuisine &  has over 20 years of experience in making Mughlai, North Indian and Tandoori dishes.

The festival will be on for Lunch & Dinner buffet at Hotel Oyster here from 17 March till 4th April 2017. (7 PM to 11 PM).

Our objective is to bring different cuisines to the city of Chandigarh. The Mughlai food festival is such an occasion for us to provide a unique dining experience to all our patrons. I recommend all food connoisseurs to pay us a visit. Our Executive Chef along with Master Chef, Hassan from Hotel have put up a wide variety of dishes. So, come and experience some authentic Mughlai food and feel the difference what our Chefs have to offer you” said Rajesh Mahajan Hotel Oyster.

There will be a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies to choose from. To start things off snacks like  Bhuna Paneer Tikka, Tandoori Dam Ka Phool, Subz Gehlawat Ke Kebab, Ghullar Ke Kebab, Ghiya Kebab, Stuff Nawabi Mushroom, Murg Tikka Mirza Hasanu, Kakori Kebab, Glauti Kebab, Fish Kebab are on offer. For main course diners can relish Akbari Kofta, Paneer Tawa Masala, Baigan Mirchi, Dal: Dal Bhukara, Lagan Ka Murg, Nihari Gosht, Machi Ka Salan served with Roomali Roti, Khurmi Naan, Khan Ka Parantha, Ulta Tawa Parantha, Sirmul Roti, Tandoori Roti, Subz Sagam Bahar Biryani, Shahi Gosht Biryani, Nawabi Shahi Chicken Biryani. There are also a range of desserts to choose from like Sewain Ka Muzzafar, Shahi Tukda, Pan Icecream.

For more details/reservations call Hotel  Oyster at 81460 88779, 81460 88775, 81460 66558



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