Mukul Arora Knows How to Give the Best Attire for Bold & Experimental Couples of Today

Mukul Arora India’s ace fashion designer known for giving stunning designs for weddings and significant events with his Ejaaz Couture. He is the first choice for Brides and Grooms for their auspicious day; he knows the latest trends and selection of 21st centuries Brides and Grooms.

With all odds as a couturier, he is trying to keep Indian aesthetics alive while redefining the traditional bridal outfits. Mukul Arora believes the concept of a conventional Indian wedding has evolved with time, and now couples love to experiment designs and clothes on their main day.

As he knows now, couples are becoming bolder and experimental in choosing clothes. So he tries to come with clothes which can suit to the person’s personality. He plays with different colours and materials.

Yes, it is very challenging for people like Mukul to balance the look of the Groom and Brides clothes. He has to figure out what will work best according to the theme of the functions. And according to that, he tries to create a combo of modern attire with classical Indian touch in it, which stays forever in Hearts of Brides and Groom.

Mukul Arora’s Ejaaz Couture create garments for traditional Indian man that has evolved and started accepting newer and innovative forms of clothing. His designs for Grooms are sharply tailored in classic style with a touch of modern material. Mukul and his team are known for their craftsmanship in both Grooms and Bridal attires.

Mukul Arora is planning to launch a show with his collection. He wants to showcase what he has in collection for Brides and Grooms. That show will be an excellent opportunity for many to grab the best attire for their weddings. Still, everything is in his dreams; he is planning to make it real in coming time. He is just waiting for the right time to showcase his collection to the world.

Until now, we have noticed whatever Mukul Arora and his Ejaaz Couture team has done is classy with a traditional touch. Which makes a perfect day for Brides and Grooms, and it also gives lifetime smiling memory.


Ajay Deep

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