Hijack Alert | Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai Airports Put on High Alert, Security Increased

Airports of Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad in India have been put on hijack alert. The high alert is basically hijacking alert as information has come in that some terrorists are planning to hijack planes simultaneously from Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airport.

An anti-hijack drill has been started and sniffer dogs have been called in at these airports. Security has been increased to 7 folds and special forces have been put on standby to prevent any plane hijack attempt from Mumbai, Chennai or Hyderabad.

How the Plane Hijack Information Came

The information is believed to have come from a woman who overheard some people in a restaurant on Saturday planning to hijack a plane from Mumbai airport. She wrote an email to a senior police official and hence CISF – India’s security forces were informed.

According to sources, the woman heard 6 people making a plan to hijack planes from 3 airports altogether. According to the plan revealed by the woman, a team of 25 hijackers is supposed to do his task of plane hijacking in Mumbai, Chennai & Hyderabad.

Security at Airports in Mumbai, Chennai & Hyderabad


As per India Today, security at all these airports has been increased to 7 folds. Various checks are being conducted for every passenger at Mumbai, Chennai & Hyderabad.

  • Airlines have been told to avoid last minute check-ins.
  • Sniffer dogs and anti-hijack squads have been deployed.
  • Counter-terrorism teams have been put in place at Mumbai, Chennai & Hyderabad.
  • Airlines that operate from these airports have been told to stay extra vigilant.
  • Number of security personnel at these airports have been increased.

Apart from Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad, other airports in India have also been asked to be vigilant.

Bomb Threat at Airport

Apart from the hijacking threat, bomb threat at these airports has also not been ruled out. Many media houses have reported that apart from the hijack attempt news at Mumbai, Chennai & Hyderabad, there is a bomb blast threat too.

It is a request for citizens not to panic and corporate with the security agencies in the need of hour.

Image: Hindustan Times


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