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The City of Dreams, Mumbai made it to the 12th position in the list of the Top 15 wealthiest cities on the global level.

The New World Wealth released a report recently which contained the list of the Top 15 Wealthiest Cities globally, the financial Capital of India – Mumbai has made it to the list by grabbing the 12th position on the list. The recently released report also talks about the City of Dreams enjoying the 10th position in terms of the billionaire population.  Mumbai which is also known as the financial Capital of India justifies the title granted to it by emerging as the 12th most rich city amongst the established and rich cities all around the globe.

Mumbai – 12th Richest City Across the Globe | Know Facts About Mumbai 

Estimated to possess a total wealth of over $950 billion, Mumbai surpassed cities like Toronto, Frankfurt as well as Paris and landed on the list of the Wealthiest Cities on the global level thus attaining the 12th position. By total wealth, one refers to the private wealth which is held by all the persons who are living in that particular city. The total difference of all the assets in the form of cash, equity, business interests as well as property as well any kind of liabilities reflect the total wealth which is possessed by the individuals of that city.

The funds from the government are also not included. Also popular as the economic hub of India, as many as 28 billionaires reside in Mumbai.  The released report states that Mumbai along with other cities like Sydney, San Francisco, Beijing as well as San Francisco have moved up on a great scale in terms of wealth since the past one decade. Additionally, Mumbai is home to the Bombay Stock Exchange which is also the 12th largest operating stock exchange in the world. As per the reports, Mumbai is expected to be one of the fastest growing cities in the upcoming decade as well.

Cities which Made their way to the Wealthiest Cities List 

New York City whose total wealth was calculated to be $3 trillion topped the list of the 15 Wealthiest Cities around the Globe and was followed by London which possesses a total wealth of $2.7 trillion. New York City has two of the largest stock exchanges operating in the world. Tokyo acquired the third position with a total wealth of $2.5 trillion followed by San Francisco Bay area which has a total wealth of $2.3 trillion. Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Chicago and Singapore also made to this list. The 12th position of Mumbai was followed by Toronto, Frankfurt as well as Paris with which the Wealthiest Cities in the World List ended.


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