Municipal Corporation Chandigarh Will Give 2 Bins for Each House in City

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is keeping no stone unturned to retain Chandigarh’s ‘City Beautiful’ tag and is all set to launch several initiatives to maintain the cleanliness in the city besides making it cleaner, greener and healthier.

In the first of its kind initiative the Municipal Corporation is going to distribute some 5 lakh bins among 2.5 lakh families and will be shelling out a sum of Rs. 2.38 Crore for buying these bins. This move will strengthen City’s management of garbage and it will be a major step for improved cleanliness in the vicinity.

MC will be distributing two bins for each house — a green-coloured bin for wet waste and a blue-coloured bin for dry garbage. This practice will make it easier to segregate the solid waste.

Mayor Asha Jaswal informed that the Municipal Corporation will be holding functions to inform people about this practice of using Blue and Green coloured dustbins. The first function will be held at Tagore Theatre soon. She said, “The distribution will be done in all the sectors of the city and all the families will be covered under the initiative. Initially, 13,000 bins will be distributed in all the wards.”

More than Rs 60 Lakh saved

Though a budget of Rs 3 crore was kept aside by the civic body for purchasing the bins, it was able to find a firm that approved to deliver the bins at a price that saved Rs 62 lakh from the allocated budget. The civic body has already received the samples of the bins and will be finalising the deal soon.

Distribution of the Bins

According to sources, the distribution process will start from June 5, 2017 and the first dustbin will be given in Mayor’s own ward.

Why Green and Blue bins are used?

Green Bin: The Green-coloured bins are used to collect biodegradable waste or compostable materials and these waste can be used to produce manure.

Blue Bin:  The Blue-coloured bins are used to collect non-biodegradable waste which mostly contain recyclable material.

Source: Times of India

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