A Man Shot Dead in Sector 38 of Chandigarh by 3 People, 2 Guns & 7 Shots

Chandigarh just saw another murder case in the city. Chandigarh has been in the news for murders since March 2017. It seems like people have started thinking that murder is the final solution to every conflict.

In this case, a sarpanch of a village in Hoshiarpur was shot on Sunday while he came to Chandigarh in Sector 38. He was inside the Sector 38 west gurudwara just minutes before being shot dead on the main road just outside the gurudwara.

The Murder Was Cleverly Planned

The sarpanch named Satnam along with other villagers came to the gurudwara in a truck. Satnam was shot dead when he was walking towards the truck in which he and the other villagers came to Chandigarh. The police said that Satnam received a call and he was asked to come out of the gurudwara premises.

When Satnam came out of the gurudwara, he was fired. Satnam tried to protect himself by taking cover under the rear tyres of the truck but could not save himself. Later his blood-stained pyjamas and slippers were found near the truck. The driver of the truck heard the gunshots and said that the gunshots were fired from a white Hyundai i-20 car.

The Murder Mystery

Seven fire shots were fired from two pistols by three people in a white Hyundai i-20 with a Ludhiana’s registration number. The incident happened near the Sector 38 (west) gurdwara during the daytime on Sunday. Satnam Singh Alias Bittu (40) who was the sarpanch of Hoshiarpur village in Punjab was killed in this incident.

Satnam was an ex-president of Hariana -Garhdiwala truck union in Hoshiarpur and he was also the sarpanch of Khurdan in Hoshiarpur’s Garhdiwala tehsil. He had to appear in the Hoshiarpur court as a witness in the murder case of his brother  Nishan Singh Alias Shana which happened in July 2013. The police suspect that Satnam’s murder can also be related to his brother’s murder.

Two Weapons Were Used To Kill Satnam

The DSP said that two weapons were used as they found seven shells of bullets which were fired from two different weapons. The police and the forensic teams have already started their investigation by making the sketches of the accused.

The SSP said that old enmity is possibly the reason for Satnam’s murder.

Reason And The Suspects Of Satnam’s Murder

Satnam took over the control of  Hariana – Garhdiwala truck union in Hoshiarpur. The police believe that the reason behind Satnam’s murder can be due to a dispute over taking control of theHariana-Garhdiwala truck union as Satnam’s group members got into a conflict with the group members from another transport union.

Satnam’s family named three suspects Tirath, Bobby, and Arshdeep who are from Hoshiarpur.The police have registered a case under Section 320 (Murder) of the Indian Penal Code against Tirath, Bobby, and Arshdeep. However, the driver of the Hyundai i-20 car is still unidentified.

Image: The Tribune

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