Must-Have Dishes You Should Not Miss Out At a Marathi Wedding

The 3rd largest state of our country, Maharashtra, has amassed a long history of a rich and dynamic culture. Each region within the state celebrates its expression of the Marathi language, music, and mouth-watering delicacies. The Marathi cuisine combines Kokan from the coastal areas and Varadi from the interior regions.

The dishes served at Marathi weddings are close to the ones we would generally find at a Hindu marriage, yet it has its unique flavors. The main ingredients would include coconut, tamarind, kokum, etc. Talking about weddings, are you looking for your perfect partner this wedding season? Don’t wait any longer. Download any Marathi Matrimony app today and set up your profile right away so that you can find your match.

Popular dishes found in Marathi weddings are misal pav, aamti, bhel puri, rassa, kadhi, aamras, pav bhaaji, and the famous vada pav. You may also find their special roti called Bhakri, made out of rice flour and ghee and accompanied by meat, dal, and vegetables. Guests can also enjoy ukadiche modak and shrikhand for desserts to complete their meals. Before we get to the list of best dishes, why don’t you create your Marathi Matrimony profile and take this opportunity to meet your life partner? You never know, you might even meet your match in one day. You never know how the right swipe might end up changing your life. The following is a list of 15 must-have dishes that you shouldn’t miss out on at a Marathi wedding ceremony. 

  • Misal Pav 

Misal pav is a traditional Maharashtrian delicacy made of curry and served with buttered pavs (Indian bread buns). There are many dishes made out of using pavs such as Vada pav, pav bhaji, etc. The spicy curry is made using different vegetables and is topped off with onion rings, chilies, and shev.One may even enjoy it at the wedding station with some vada. 

  • Evergreen Combination of Snacks:

When it comes to snacking, Marathis have a selection of the most lip-smacking recipes. Be it vada pav, or pav bhaji, most of the Indians do enjoy this combination of creamy buttered buns or pav alongside some hot and smooth tomato gravy. Sabudana vada, which are crispy cakes made out of tapioca, chilies, peanuts, and other spices, is another favorite snack that one must try, along with some bhel puri chaat or batata vada. Marathis also provide healthier options, such as sabudana khichdi, and poha, which we also eat as breakfast options in several Indian households.

  • Pitla

If you are fond of non-spicy curries, then this dish might interest you. The curry is very simple yet delicious, made out of besan, turmeric, ground masala, and curry leaves. The smell of Pitla is divine, and we can eat it with roti and rice. It may even remind you of an old favorite Indian dish called kadi.  

  • The Most Award-Worthy Chicken:

The Malvani chicken is part of the Konkan cuisine and is also a traditional Marathi recipe you may find at weddings. They make it using coconut, lots of herbs and spices, and seeds. This chicken curry is as spicy as it is tasty but make sure not to miss a serving or two with some hot rice or roti.

  • World’s No.1 Bombay Biryani 

Bombay biryani, as the name suggests, got introduced to the world in the capital of Maharashtra. It is doubtful if a person who enjoys eating biryani wouldn’t try this at a wedding. The reason why Bombay Biryani is so famous is that it’s a flavorful concoction of long-grained basmati rice with chunks of boiled potatoes, tender meat, and fried onions. As for toppings, the biryani has mint and coriander leaves and some dried figs/plums. The heat of the spices makes this a must-have at every Marathi wedding. 


  • Aamras

Don’t forget to add a spoonful of this at the Marathi wedding if you have a sweet tooth. Aamras is a famous dish in Maharashtra and Gujarat, and the word itself can explain the dish – Aam (mango) and Ras (juice). It’s made by extracting mango puree from the pulps of juicy mangoes and served in the summer seasons. They use the pulp of the mango to create a thick paste and accompany it with different types of Indian bread. People also make different variations of this dish using some ghee and milk.

  • Shrikhand

A trendy Marathi dessert that one shouldn’t miss at the wedding buffet is called Shrikhand. The dish tastes similar to mishti doi since the ingredients are almost identical – yogurt and sugar, but the flavors that enhance it are cardamom and saffron. They serve this dessert at all festivals in India, and one can eat some hot puris with it as well.

  • Basundi

Another sweet delicacy of Maharashtra is called Basundi. The method is to cook the milk until it reduces to half of its volume. One can even use condensed milk instead, but this sweet dish’s main ingredients are similar to rabri – sugar, cardamom, saffron, and nutmeg. People can enjoy Basundi with hot puris or rotis. Try it both ways at the wedding if you’re craving some dessert.


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