Mystery Rooms, Sec 35, Chandigarh (Games, Charges & Other Details)

There are few things to do in Chandigarh but thankfully, we have Mystery Rooms in Sector 35. If you have still not experienced this place then let us tell you that it is an hour full of the adrenaline rush. Mystery Rooms, Sector 35, Chandigarh is the place for you to involve yourselves and solve puzzles in order to save your lives. (Not literally). Consider it as a game where you have to save yourself.

The games in Sector 35’s Mystery Rooms have been designed in a way that forces you to push yourselves to find hidden clues and solve puzzles to celebrate your life. The clock is set ticking and you must plan your escape in maximum 60 minutes. In 60 minutes you have to crack numerous codes, solve puzzles and unravel the mystery in order to win. The games at Mystery Rooms Chandigarh involve a great team effort. 

Till now, you must be eager to know the different games (or as we call these – life-saving puzzles) at Chandigarh’s Mystery Rooms. So, here’s a list of all the games along with team size and charges for you to decide the best one.

Games at Mystery Rooms, Sector-35 Chandigarh

In all, there are 4 different games and the setup of each game varies from the other.

  • The Hurt Locker – A Bomb Defusal Challenge

Bandits and terrorists have placed a bomb in a crowded place. As a senior member of the bomb squad, you must race against the clock and defuse the bombs in order to save lives. The suspects have executed the plan with all the tracks covered pretty well. You have to be very cautious as one wrong step can blow the world apart. It is one of the most courageous games, in Chandigarh’s Mystery Rooms where you have to be sure of every step you take.

Team Size: 2 – 8 players.

  • Lockout – A Prison Break Challenge

A prison break challenge, in this game you are wrongly convicted of a crime. The prison environment is pretty brutal and tough. You have to plan a clever escape as the jailor and other inmates are busy celebrating National Day. But, you only have one hour to save yourself.

Team Size: 2 – 8 players.

  • Cabin In The Woods – The Murder Mystery

This game is one of my favourites. In this game, you must enter a mystical forest uncover the secret behind the mysterious killings happening in the cursed woods. A ferocious beast or a witch is killing the villagers and you have to save them while playing at Mystery Rooms, Chandigarh.

Team Size: 4 – 8 players.

(Not recommended for children under the age of 10.)

  • Abduction – The Final Hour

The most eminent personality of the country is kidnapped by a terrorist organization. The terrorists start blackmailing the president for the release of the abducted. This game is full of secrets that you have to hide, plan and execute an escape to save your life. You have to be sharp and ensure that the President does not compromise in order to release you.

Team Size: 2 – 8 players.

Mystery Rooms Chandigarh – Charges

The prices of the games in Mystery Rooms are nominal and comes out with great deals and coupons, depending upon the group size of the players.

Weekdays – Monday – Friday

Mission for 2 – Rs. 1600 (Rs. 800 per person)
Mission for 3 – Rs. 2100 (Rs. 700 per person)
Mission for 4 – Rs. 2400 (Rs. 600 per person)
Mission for 5 and more – Rs. 500 per person

Weekends and  Public Holidays

Mission for 2 – Rs. 2000 (Rs. 1000 per person)
Mission for 3 – Rs. 2700 (Rs. 900 per person)
Mission for 4 – Rs. 3200 (Rs. 800 per person)
Mission for 5 and more – Rs 700 per person

*No charges for children below 5 years. For children between 5-10 years, Rs. 250 is chargeable on Weekdays and Rs. 350 on Weekends & Public Holidays. The kids must be accompanied by minimum 2 adults. Id card is mandatory to avail any discounts/offers.

Corporate Events

A great way to build team bonding, Chandigarh Based Mystery Rooms has corporate packages to make regular team outings more fun. For more information and reviews of Mystery Rooms Chandigarh, check out their websites and facebook page. You may ask for some special deals if you are a large group. 

Mystery Rooms Chandigarh – Contact

Mystery Rooms, Sector 35

Address: SCO 489-490, First Floor, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh.

Phone Number: 099888 81464.

Timings: 10:30 AM – 8.30 PM (Monday – Sunday).

Book your tickets:


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