Myth or Truth: Can a Totally Destroyed and Burned HD be Recovered?

There are two types of users: those who have already lost a hard drive and those who are still going to lose. It is amazing how certain jokes or popular sayings convey a sincerity that can end the listener’s quiet. But do not be fooled. It is very likely that sooner or later you will have to recover the data from a damaged HD.

In this case, the good news is that there is a great probability that data from a hard drive with problems can be recovered. Fire, flood, mechanical crashes, file removal by accident and even the intent to wipe out evidence may not be enough to destroy the precious files stored on an HD.

But how is the recovery of data from such a damaged HD? How is it possible that, after so much damage, the files still remain intact? Is it possible to run mp3 recovery software, for example?

The operation of an HD

The hard drive of a computer works constantly. When you turn on the PC and download something, for example, there are countless activities of reading and writing data to the disk. These data are recorded on magnetic disks known as platters, two-layer discs, the first being made of aluminum and the second composed of magnetic material.

Both the reading and the recording are made by a head that moves through the surface of the discs while they spin at high speed. The recording or reading is done by means of tiny electromagnets present in the reading head, capable of rearranging the iron oxide molecules present in the magnetic layer of the platters.

Despite all the science employed in hard drives, it is possible to realize that mechanical action is essential for their operation. So many movements and moving parts end up suffering wear over time and this is one of the most common causes of defects in HD.

Mechanical failure: the clicks of death

Anyone who has witnessed the death of a hard drive knows how sad the last sounds they emit. If you notice input and output errors (IO) and a peculiar noise coming from inside the case when you turn on the computer, you probably lost the HD. The noise may be emitted by the electromagnetic head, which tries to move, without success, inside the device. If this happens, immediately turn off your computer and do not turn it on again.

Since the HD head is damaged, it may scratch the surface of the platters while trying to work. This would make data recovery more difficult. In addition, it may also happen that small particles come loose and become loose inside the hard drive, further contributing to the destruction of stored information. But if the damage isn’t too severe, data recovery software like Recoverit by Wondershare is a possible solution. The data recovery software also works in cases of data loss due to other causes such as formatting errors, virus attacks and so on. In general cases, videos are often erased when we format a storage device. Video recovery software like Recoverit can provide a real solution for that.

Recoverit is able to work in various operating system formats and versions. It is also compatible with various possible scenarios, including HD damage (under certain conditions). To recover data you don’t need to understand programming first. You simply follow the simple steps recommended; download and install, scan and restore. As simple as that.


There are many cases where data is not restored when HD is damaged but if the damage is not too severe, we can recover deleted data with data recovery software.


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