Nabobs Cafe, Chandigarh | Menu, Food Cost, Review & Other Details

Nabobs Cafe in Sector 9 of Chandigarh can be defined as a place that solely gives positive vibes!

Looking for a place where you can sit back, relax, eat good food, drink & make merry? Say hello to Nabobs Chandigarh! Yes, you heard it right – Nabobs! But the question that first pops is what does the word Nabobs mean?

Heads up – Nabobs refers to royalty/wealth! And trust you me, the decor of the restaurant stands really well with the name- Nabobs!  

Nabobs Chandigarh is the place which deeply defines the word FUSION! The cafe serves the best possible blends of drinks, which we being foodies desire for! One such designer drink that is served at Nabobs is Banarasi Pan Martini- Every sip of which makes you enjoy the authenticity. The drink will cost you Rs. 395/- which is worthy. And why not, when all they have to offer us is heavenly food and drinks.

What to Order at Nabobs Chandigarh 

There are numerous options in their menu to select from. Here are the ones which I found a must try:

Drinks at Nabobs Chandigarh

Alcoholic – one from the “Designer Cocktails” which are definitely worth it!

Non-alcoholic – Masala Shikanji and Lemonade are a great option indeed.

Food at Nabobs Chandigarh

Non-veg: Meat platter for hard core non vegetarians is something that must not be missed. This will serve as filler for 2 people.

Tandoori Chicken is also a good option (Rs. 335/- for half and 585 for full)

Veg: Spinach and corn rolls from their winter menu. Enjoy hot and crispy rolls from ‘Winter Menu’ at Nabobs Chandigarh. Personalised pasta from ‘make your own pasta’ menu offers adding your own choice of toppings with the desired pasta type.

Nabobs Chandigarh Menu: How Much Does it Cost?

Rs. 395/- each for drinks from the designer menu at the Bar counter

Rs. 195/- for shikanji or a lemonade.

Rs. 695/- for a meat platter.

Rs. 395/- for pasta.

Rs. 275/- for spinach and corn rolls. 

Approximately, you’ll spend Rs. 1200/- if you are two which is good enough for a decent place like Nabobs Chandigarh.

Take Me to Nabobs Cafe, Chandigarh

Nabobs Cafe, Chandigarh

Midst the city beautiful. It is located at SCO 2, Inner Market, Sector 9D, Chandigarh.

Dial and book a table now!  Call 7087973293 or 0172-2743255.

Timings at Nabobs Cafe, Chandigarh

Nabobs Chandigarh is open all seven days from morning 11 till 12 midnight.

Why Nabobs Chandigarh

  • The taste it offers is exotic to the core.
  • Drinks that make more sense when called as DESIGNER DRINKS!
  • The ambience that you simply wish to keep staring!
  • Serving is wholesome
  • Staff is much more co-operative than you can think of!

Save Me Some Cash

Happy hours from 7 PM to 11 PM on weekdays and 11 AM to 11 PM on weekends.

Be there at Nabobs Cafe in Chandigarh and enjoy your meal.


Fenny Luthra

Life is a beautiful journey. The more we explore, the more we learn and change for better! Hello from a girl who is a Chartered Accountant by profession and passionate about exploring things, whatever and whenever comes her way!
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