Nanak Shah Fakir Movie Gets Green Signal for Release, but No Screens in Punjab

Supreme Court has cleared the release of movie Nanak Shah Fakir, that has been based on the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. As the movie deals with the life of the first Guru of the Sikh community, many of the groups have been imposing a ban on the release of it. But finally, on Tuesday, SC rolled out the decision in favor of the filmmakers & gets green signal to release the movie Nanak Shah Fakir on 13th April 2018.

3 years earlier as well, filmmakers had to face these kinds of opposition regarding the release of Nanak Shah Fakir,  That’s why it has been delayed for so many years. And now when the makers have been coming up with it once again, then as well they have to face the same situation.

Nanak Shah Fakir Movie to not release in the region of Punjab

On Tuesday itself SC came out with the decision in favour of Nanak Shah Fakir makers to release it on Baisakhi i.e 13th April 2018. Also directed Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to allow a clearance certificate to the movie. SC has also ensured with Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) & all state governments with the release of Nanak Shah Fakir all over the country.

Also, the court ordered the state governments to maintain the law and order so that no one can create any disturbance in the place wherever the movie has been released. But the movie Nanak Shah Fakir will not be released in Punjab keeping in mind the sensitivity of the situations. In the petition that was presented in the court by Nanak Shah Fakir makers stated that- looking onto the sensitivity of the issue & Public sentiments they have decided it to not release in Punjab for the time being.

Earlier SGPC & Punjab Government have supported the release of Nanak Shah Fakir but after noticing the widespread protest they took a back step & started asking for the ban.

And here’s what all the movie Nanak Shah Fakir has gone through

Nanak Shah Fakir movie has been facing protest since last 3 years, as the Sikh community has opposed the depicting of the human character as the first Guru of Sikh, Guru Nanak Dev Ji & his family members. They have stated that this movie will hurt the sentiment of the Sikh religion. Even the community asked for the imposition of the ban in the release of the movie.

But finally, the movie Nanak got clearance from Supreme Court & will now be released on 13th April except in the Punjab region.


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