Cinema Halls in Chandigarh Start Playing National Anthem Before Each Movie Show

Cinema halls in Chandigarh are all set to witness an extra touch of patriotism. Supreme Court of India has announced that now it will be compulsory to play National Anthem at the start of every movie & it applies to all the cinema halls.

In Chandigarh we have PVR Cinemas, Cinepolis, Fun Cinemas, Big Cinemas (Carnival) and Wave Cinemas. All cinema halls in Chandigarh will now play national anthem as per Supreme Court orders at the beginning of a movie. This is surely a step that would lead to great things by inculcating respect and pride for the nation.

Instructions Everyone will have to follow:

This order came from the Supreme Court of India, where justice authorities were present and the orders were passed on a PIL.

  • It will be compulsory for everyone to stand up while the national anthem is playing at a cinema hall.
  • People should not enter or exit the hall while national anthem is being played.
  • Every citizen of India has to abide by the necessary steps needed to preserve the integrity and respect for national anthem.

Proper respect for the National anthem is expected from everyone in Chandigarh. This would basically mean curbing down all the unnecessary movements during its play.

It will now be a trend:

Most of us would remember long back when we used to go for a movie in Chandigarh (especially PVR Cinemas) they used to play the national anthem and most people used to stand up. At the end, the tricolor picture of the national flag was displayed but with time, people showed a decline in such interests. But now, this old habit is being revived and this is going to be a new trend all over the nation once again.

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