NCERT Books For Classes 1 to 8 Delayed in Uttar Pradesh | Know Why

The Uttarakhand Madrassas still don't have the access to the NCERT Books for Classes 1 to 8.

Recently, the Yogi Aditya Nath led government in Uttar Pradesh took a decision to make use of the NCERT books in all the madrassas for different classes. But, as of now, the National Council of Educational Research and Training Books have not been provided to the students even though the academic session began back in April 2018. Initially, the other books were being used. The decision to use the NCERT Books in Uttar Pradesh Madrassas was made in May 2018.

In the current scenario, confusion related to the distribution of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) books for the students of Classes 1 to 8 is still consistent as the distribution of the NCERT books is not sure and has been delayed.

UP Madrassas To Get NCERT Books Or Not 

It has been stated by the officials that the decision to make use of the NCERT Books in the UP Madrassas had been taken without consulting everyone and probably if consultation would have been done, the NCERT Books delay would not have taken place. 560 government aided Madrassas are to receive the books for free and the rest of them have to make a purchase of the same, but the confusion on whether the Books of National Council of Educational Research and Training will be provided to them for free or not still prevails.

A meeting in the month of June in context to the same had been organized and after receiving the final meeting of the minutes, it will be decided whether the UP Madrassas will be receiving the National Council of Educational Research and Training Books for free or not. The NCERT Books in different languages are to be provided to the UP Madrassas students in order to expose them to better training as well as skills.

Decision On NCERT Books Delay To Be Taken Soon 

Also, various members of the Government boards have taken charge by contacting the National Council of Educational Research and Training officials and by this writing them letters stating the probable number of the books that will be required so that it is easy for the Board to get them published and thus make them available on the requirement for the students in the UP Madrassas.

A meeting is soon to be held in which the problem of the NCERT Books delay in the UP Madrassas is to be addressed as well as solved.


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