NCERT Books: These Chapters Are Not A Part of Syllabus 2019 | Check Details Here

National Council of Education Research and Training has omitted a few chapters from the syllabus 2019 onwards. In a recent report, it has been out that NCERT will not have 3 chapters in the history books from session 2019-20. NCERT has announced to reduce down the history syllabus of Class 10 by the session 2019-20 for all the students.

NCERT was directed to reduce down the syllabus by the HRD Ministry last year only. Now taking the same into consideration, NCERT has been ongoing with the process to cut down the syllabus. Now check out some more details regarding new NCERT syllabus for 2019 onwards below.

NCERT Books: History Books omitted these 3 chapters from 2019

National Council of Education Research and Training has released the new syllabus for some subjects for the year 2019 onwards. NCERT has removed 3 chapters from the history book of Class 10 for the students from 2019 syllabus onwards. A per the new syllabus, these are the deleted chapters from the Class 10 NCERT history books- the rise of nationalism in the Indo-China region, the development of cities across the World and the history of the contemporary World through novels.

The history book of Class 10 has been named as ‘India and the Contemporary World II’. The NCERT book was earlier of 200 pages and after the reduction of 3 chapters, it has been now of 128 pages. Whereas earlier Class 10 history book had a total of 8 chapters and now 3 have been deleted from the same. Even there has been a drop of 3 chapters of Class 9 history books as well.

More Changes yet to come in NCERT Syllabus 2019

Last year only HRD Minister announced to cut down the NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) syllabus by 50% by 2020. In 2017 only, HRD Ministry made a total of 1300+ changes in the NCERT syllabus. Not just deletion but also addition, correction and date update have been made here. Although some more changes are yet awaited from the HRD Ministry and NCERT.

As of now, only these changes have been out but few more changes in the NCERT books and syllabus have to be done from the session 2019-20 onwards. So do check out the new changes of NCERT syllabus on the official website.


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