NCERT Issues Cyber Security & Safety Guidelines for Children, Parents & Schools | Highlights You Should Know

NCERT (National Council of Educational and Research Training) has for the first time issued guidelines to schools, parents and children for the use of computers and internet. These guidelines by NCERT point at a safe and secure zone where children learn with ease but without any risk of data theft, cyberbullying or other unwanted incidents. With growing use of computers and internet, Cybersecurity is becoming a necessity and hence NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) has come up with special guidelines to be followed by students, schools as well as parents.

National Council of Education Research and Training Cyber Guidelines

As per NCERT, computer labs in schools should only be accessed by authorized people. Use of USB (pen drives) has been banned in school computer labs and all pop-up ads should also be banned -maybe from the from the network level itself.

As reported by The Tribune, NCERT has further stated that children should be told not to meet people whom they know only through the internet and also not do anything online which is not appropriate in the presence of others. This is the first time that the National Council of Educational and Research Training has issued guidelines for Computer and Internet use and we guess these guidelines come at an apt time as more and more children using the internet these days – not just at school but even at home.

NCERT has further stated that teachers, as well as parents, should pay attention to any behavioural changes in a child. Teachers and parents should monitor the online activity of children and guide them properly whenever needed. The cyber security and safety guidelines further state that children should not download any files or attachments from untrusted sources as they may contain viruses.

Schools have been directed to keep special courses and lessons on cyber security and safety by NCERT (National Council of Educational and Research Training).

Earlier, NCERT has issued guidelines for primary schools having Nursery, KG or play way classes. These guidelines state the infrastructure, teacher-child ratio, age limit, and basic lessons to be taught in play way and nursery classes.

These kinds of guidelines by NCERT have been welcomed and we suggest that the National Council of Educational and Research Training should keep on updating its guidelines with time and instruct more upon such education-related issues.


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