NCERT: Education Department to Cancel Licences of Schools Not Using NCERT Books

NCERT: Education Department is planning to cancel licenses of Schools using non-NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) from 2019 onwards. As per the reports, the Education Department has been aiming to cancel the School licenses teaching non-NCERT books to students. Although the same has been rolled out in Uttarakhand region only as of now.

National Council of Educational Research and Training has been bringing on many changes from session 2019 onwards. Not only in terms of education but also for the fitness benefit of the students, NCERT has been looking forward to offering a great future for children.

Education Department to Cancel License of Schools Using Non-NCERT Books

In a written order passed by the DG (Education) in Uttarakhand state, it has been stated that all the Boards including CBSE has been asked to cancel the licenses of school referring private publishers books instead of National Council of Educational Research and Training. Also, it has been mentioned in the order that, if any of the schools found following any book pricing higher than NCERT Books will liable of cancelation of their licenses from 2019 onwards.

Although the same has been rolled out only in the state of Uttrakhand as of now. Even the Education Department has mentioned that the Schools using Non-NCERT books will be charged under IPC Section 188 and contempt of court. As earlier in the month of April 2018, Uttrakhand High Court ruled out all private schools must follow NCERT books.

More Changes in term of NCERT Cirruculum From Session 2019 onwards

As per the recent reports, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) following the words of Prakash Javadekar will be reducing the 50% of its syllabus from the next session. Also, the decision has been taken to make a compulsory period for sports in Schools and increase the level of physical activities from 2019.

Even NCERT has been making compulsory for ICSE and state Boards to follow the books instead of private publishers. These decisions have been taken after getting complaints of parents, as School pressurizes them to buy private publishers books at a high price. Furthermore, changes are yet to come on Board till the year 2019 by the NCERT.


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