NCERT syllabus will be cut by half from 2019 session | Check Major Changes To Be Introduced Here

There have been certain changes which have been introduced and will be implemented from the academic session of 2019. Check major changes which are to be introduced here.

Recently, an interview of HRD Minister Prakash Javdekar was conducted by the state-run Rajya Sabha TV which formulated changes to be introduced in NCERT School syllabus from session 2019. If the sources are to be believed, the ongoing NCERT school syllabus will be cut half from the academic session commencing from 2019. Realising the need to trim the workload which is prevailing in the current scenario, this step is a great relief to the school students. With the implementation of this, students will be able to distribute themselves in equally important co-curricular areas other than their academic studies. Some other relevant changes will supposedly be introduced from the same session.

NCERT Syllabus To Cut Half From 2019 | Check Details 

In the conducted interview, HRD Minister formulated some changes related to the field of education which are likely to be introduced from the academic session of 2019. Presently, the undergraduate syllabus for the students belonging to the field of arts and commerce is comparatively less and so is the pressure and workload. For all the batches up to senior secondary classes that are till Class 12th,  with the motive to reduce the degree of workload and pressure on them, the probability of the NCERT Syllabus being reduced to half from the academic session of 2019 is going around the corners.

This is the stage when the cognitive skills of the students tend to develop and they should be provided with the full freedom to go forward with the fields in which they are interested. Students feel burdened because of the vast NCERT syllabus which does not let them give time to their likes and interests and reducing the NCERT syllabus to 50%, is of great relief to them reduce their stress as well as distribute their time to other areas of their interest as well.

Detention to be Re-introduced & Other Changes Here 

Also, in the next budget session, a bill regarding the re-introduction of examinations as well as detentions to be held will be introduced as per the sources. It is believed that examinations will result in an increased competition spirit and thus the students will thrive for a better preparation and outcome. Also, tentatively, a report regarding the New Education Policy will be unveiled by the end of March’ 2019 after getting through the necessary approvals. Concerns regarding the poor teaching quality is another issue which is likely to be catered.

Time and again, changes are brought in the Indian Education System to improve its quality. We hope that these changes if implemented, work in favour of bringing a positive change in the Education system.


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