NCERT Textbooks Go Through Major Revision | Check What Has Changed for Class 6 to 10

There are certain changes which are likely to be experienced by the NCERT Textbooks being used for Class 6 to Class 10. Tentatively, additional information on various topics is likely to be added in the books which are used to teach the classes 6 to 10. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is keen on providing a better kind of learning to the students for their skill and knowledge development and betterment.

NCERT is an organisation which is known to advice the HRD Ministry in relation to the school education has come up with certain educative changes. The revision of the books and other related changes are stated here.

NCERT TextBooks To Be Revised For Class 6 to 10

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) which is the prescribed course of textbooks for Classes 6 to 10 are likely to undergo certain changes and some topics in the books are likely to be added. Additional information on the topic related to Yoga, metallurgy, astronomy, ayurveda along with the teachings of the Upanishads and the smritis will be stated in the NCERT books for Classes 6 to 10. Also, Indian Philosophy along with the different areas related to the scientific achievements of ancient India stated above are likely to be included.

These changes have been proposed and implemented following a textbook review which was carried out by NCERT. This is the first time since 2007 that focus on the ancient past of the country has been laid. These topics will add to the knowledge of the students and will help them to diversify their knowledge on the topics related to the ancient past as well as the scientific achievements as well.

1,334 Changes Done By NCERT

The NCERT officials have stated that the additions, as well as the changes which are likely to be made in the NCERT textbooks, are being made on the public feedback which has been received by the Council. Also, in total, there are as many as 1,334 changes which have been made by National Council of Educational Research and Training which are inclusive of the additions as well as the corrections.

In a total number of 182 textbooks, a maximum number of 573 changes have been made within the science textbooks which are followed by 316 corrections in social science and as many as 163 corrections in the
Sanskrit one.


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