NCERT Textbooks To Have Chapters On Emergency, ‘Apatkaal Ek Kadwa Sach’ & Much More

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) which is the ruling party in Madhya Pradesh State, has once again taken up the charge in context of identification as well as the rectification of the errors that are a part of the certain textbooks of the various subjects prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training. For the academic year that will be commencing from 2019, there are many new chapters that are likely to be introduced in the NCERT books in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The assembly, as well as the Lok Sabha polls, are to be conducted soon and the ruling BJP government in the MP State, are coming up in the picture in order to make the corrections that have been reported in the NCERT Books.

New Chapters in NCERT Books From 2019 

As per the official reports, it has been stated that before the BJP Party came into power in the state of Madhya Pradesh and the Centre as well, some of the facts, as well as chapters, made their way to the NCERT Books by the previous ruling party regime. Also, it has been said that education was politicised and also, the books having the historical facts in the National Council of Educational Research and Training books were distorted and were written once again with different styles and facts.

In order to get along with it, the BJP Government has now taken up certain steps which include the setting up of an organisation with the name of ‘Itihaas Punarlekhan Samiti’ who will function in order to amend as well as rectify the facts so that they can be presented in the most appropriate way in the NCERT books.

Prescribed Changes in NCERT Books | Know Here 

Apart from this, a suggestion has been made that all the controversial chapters which are a part of the NCERT Books in subjects like history that some chapters would be deducted and other changes related to the historic changes shall be done and introduced in the books of National Council of Educational Research and Training. NCERT Books will also undergo the introduction of some chapters on personalities like ‘Vikramaditya’, ‘Maharana Pratap’, ‘Raja Bhoj’ as well as ‘Chhatrasal Bundela’, ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji’ from the academic session beginning in 2019.


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