NEET 2017 Latest Update : MCI plans to make NEET mandatory for MBBS courses abroad

National Eligibility Entrance Test i.e. NEET in  2017 might become a compulsion for aspirants who aim to take up MBBS courses abroad says MCI. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has proposed plans to make the NEET reach a level higher in terms of serving as the eligibility criteria as a test making it mandatory for MBBS aspirants to take up the course not only in India but also in abroad. The latest update revolves around the fact that NEET would become a sole criteria for students who aim study MBBS in foreign universities as per the sources reveal.

NEET 2017 : The Chaos Still Rules

While many controversies marking chaos in this years medical entrance examination of NEET 2017, no updation has been received via official sources as to when the results of the exam would be out. The recent news of halting the NEET 2017 results, CBSE was restrained from declaring them before June 7,2017. While the chaos rendered in the NEET 2017 examination in terms of “severe frisking”, “paper leak”, result delay etc, the recent proposal by MCI has added fuel to the fire in the entire scenario.

Lacs of students whose career are at stake were finally resorting to either change their career paths as in future prospects of taking up the medical profession or else were looking forward to take up admission in their favourite courses like that of MBBS in foreign universities as a result of the entire mess that surrounds NEET 2017 controversy.

NEET Compulsory for MBBS in abroad?

The plans and proposals made by MCI has further added to the confusion in the entire NEET 2017 storyline. Here are the details as to what the big fat proposal to clear NEET before taking admission in a foreign University looks like.

  • MCI reports reveal Union Health Ministry’s proposal to make NEET compulsory for international admissions into medical courses
  • Students seeking admission in foreign universities in MBBS course to get NOC from MCI and Union Health Ministry prior
  • Union Health Ministry and MCI only to grant ‘No-Objection Certificate’ to candidates who have qualified NEET examination
  • NEET examination to be made compulsory for certification as a doctore in India or to even sit for the screening exam
  • The decision to ensure equality in the entry level examination in the beginning
  • NEET exam already manadatory for UG, PG and Dental courses in India since 2016
  • The move would ensure good quality and intellectual students to go abroad for studies
  • The present condition prevails in which less than 25% clear the NEET examination, which is sad
  • The move to make aspiring students to get minimum 50% marks serving as qualifying criteria in NEET
  • Followed by this one-year’s internship with an MCI affiliated instiute to be made mandatory for the same

Well, enough has been said and done already when it comes to NEET 2017 this year. Making it compulsory for students to take admissions in a foreign University is a new story altogether. Let us see how aspirants view this notion as, A boon or a bane?

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