NEET 2017: Different Question Papers in Regional Languages | Here’s What CBSE Says

NEET 2017 after shaking the entire nation off from their complacency as to what would come up now has broken the ice now with CBSE defending the scenario of conducting the NEET 2017 examination this year in different regional languages having varied questions in the test that is supposed to have a common base for all. The medical aspirants who appeared for NEET 2017 had filed various petitions in the courts seeking a verdict to have a common judgement criteria for lacs of candidates whose future is at stake. Well, recent developments show that CBSE has taken a stand and defended its statements against petitions filed, let us take a look at as to what CBSE had to say regarding the entire chaos.

About the NEET 2017 CaseĀ 

Neet 2017 conducted by CBSE has gone through the hard phase right from the way it was conducted to the paper leak scam it is still undergoing to now halt in the result declaration of the NEET 2017 examination owing to various factors. The factors include the paper leak apart from the different question papers set by the conducting authority CBSE in various regional languages which is by the way NEET 2017 is supposed to be a common entrance test for the students aspiring to launch themselves in the career paths of medical industry. Dissappointing many while shattering dreams of taking up the undergraduate courses in medical sciences for others, NEET 2017 has turned into nightmare for the young minds who feel dejected and anxious at the same time.

CBSE Breaks Silence in the Court

Conductd by CBSE this year, NEET 2017 awaits its result while CBSE has been roped in to be answerable to many who feel that the judgement would be biased and uncommon for the question papers set this year for NEET 2017 had different levels in different languages forbidding common grounds of judgement which is unacceptable. Here’s how CBSE reacted to the petitions filed in the court against it on the issue.

  • Petitions claim CBSE’s result of NEET 2017 biased and unacceptable
  • CBSE defends itself by saying, the move was done to avoid ‘Paper leak’
  • Regional Language question papers suffer most leak scams, which CBSE avoided
  • Setting up different question paper was a thoughtful decision, CBSE claims
  • Gujarat HC not impressed with the statement of defense
  • Gujarat HC states paper leaks happen in English mediums as well
  • Scarpping the defense’s statements, Gujarat HC demands proof of substance
  • Facts state more than 90% students take up NEET 2017 in Englishj
  • 8-10% candidates who took NEET 2017 in regional language
  • Even if paper leak happens, minority of students are affected, re-scheduling is possible

NEET 2017 held in various vernacular languages, students were shocked to know that the judgement would be biased as the question paper set for NEET 2017 this year by CBSE had different questions of varied difficulty levels in the regional languages. Well what more can be said regarding the issue when the case is just like an open book with CBSE witnessing criticism from the entire nation.

“While they say tough times don’t last, tough people do.” All we hope and pray is the students who strived hard to get through NEET 2017 get justice this time !!!

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