NEET 2018 Cut Off Drops | Here’s What You Need To Know

The NEET 2018 Cut Off drops for admission in the MBBS Course. Here are all the major details.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the entrance test taken for the students seeking admission in the medical colleges in order to pursue MBBS. The results for NEET 2018 Entrance test was announced on Monday that is June 4, 2018.

The results of the NEET 2018 Entrance test reveal a lower cut off of the students as compared to the cut off of the previous year. The cut-offs for both the categories that are the reserved as well as the unreserved ones have gone down. For the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 2018 Entrance Exam, a total number of more than 13 lakh students had appeared seeking admission in the medical colleges.

NEET 2018 Cut Offs Drop | Check Stats Here 

The NEET 2018 Cut Off has dropped as in comparison to the result which was out the previous year. The cut off for the unreserved category is 119 for 2018 which was 131 out of the total marks of 720 for the year 2017. Whereas, for the reserved category, the cut-off dropped to 96 which for the year 2017 was of 107.

More than 13 lakh students had appeared for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test 2018 Entrance Exam and out of those, over 7 lakh students have managed to score as per the cut off and are now eligible for the admissions in the different MBBS Colleges. Cleating the air of doubt, a reduction in the cut off for NEET 2018 entrance exam would directly mean that higher strata of both the reserved as well as the unreserved category would be eligible to seek admission for MBBS in the medical colleges of the country.

Last year in 2017, a number of 4,300 students had scored less than 180 marks and actually got admitted in the MBBS course out of which, a major portion went to the private colleges. 180 marks out of the total 720 mean that a student who merely has scored 25 per cent but as per the system of NEET, that particular student lands in between the 64th percentile which is above the clearing criteria of 50 per cent for the unreserved category.

No Individual Subject Cut Off For NEET 

Also, it might be a bit surprising to know that there is no individual subject cut off for the NEET 2018 Entrance Exam. This results in many students getting admission in the MBBS course who happen to score less, zero or even negative marks in certain subjects. Last year as well, students were granted admissions who had failed in subjects like Physics and Chemistry.


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