Netherlands to Help Haryana Set up a Centre of Excellence for Flowers in State

Who doesn’t love flowers! Since time immemorial flowers have been the most used elements to elate the moods at every function and even to pay obeisance to God.  That is why over 260 thousand hectares of land in India are involved in floriculture and the Government of India has recognised it as a ‘sunrise industry’ that will reach 100% export-oriented status in the near future.

Haryana is emerging as one of the state’s of India with great industrial potential that can have greater contribution in the country’s GDP. Recently, the Haryana government has joined hands with the company based in Netherlands to start up a Centre of Excellence for Flowers in Jhajjar district. The project has been slated in order to promote floriculture industry among farmers in the state and to create newer employment avenues.

Advantages of setting up Centre for Flowers in Haryana

  • It will enhance state’s per capita income
  • Promote floriculture
  • Create employment avenues
  • Lessen the suicide rates of farmer
  • Increase the prospects of floriculture students and researchers thronging to state
  • Rise of SMEs in the state

Future roadmap of the project in Haryana

As per the plan, a total of 340 villages across the state will be made horticultural villages to achieve the target of 22 lakh acres of cultivational areas from 12 lakh acres. The farmers will be provided with various agricultural and welfare schemes to initiate floriculture. For the project, an estimate of Rs 517 crore is pegged by the state government. If the plan gets successful in district Jhajjar, the Haryana State Government will carry the initiative forward to all the districts of the state.

The project was announced by O P Dhankar, Agriculture Minister, Haryana during the Haryana International Trade Expo held in Faridabad. He mentioned that the initiative is taken for the welfare of the farmers growing vegetables, fruits and flowers across the state and can earn throughout the year irrespective of the season that is suitable for a particular crop.

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish that this project achieves its target soon.

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