A New 3D Mini Chandigarh Comes Up in Sector 7 | Here’s What It’s All About

Chandigarh is known for the immense cult of differentiation and creativity which it has to offer to the people. Adding to the existing spell bounding views and places, a 3D ‘Mini Chandigarh’ has recently found its place in the VIP Area of Sector 7 Chandigarh. This 3D ‘Mini Chandigarh’ is a sculptural structure which has been built in the VIP Area of Sector 7 Chandigarh where many residences of the senior IAS officers are situated.

This 3D ‘Mini Chandigarh’ can be found on the opposite side of the Punjab Raj Bhawan. An impressive built, the 3D ‘Mini Chandigarh’ should definitely be one of your to-visit-spots the next time you think of exploring the City

What It Has

The 3D ‘Mini Chandigarh’ portrays the work of architect Le Corbusier who is the man behind Chandigarh’s planning as well as the art of Nek Chand who is the creator of the famous Rock Garden. In the corners of 3D Mini Chandigarh, one can find the male and female figures which are a depiction of Nek Chand’s creations.

In the center rests the open hand along with Le Corbusier’s drawings which show the plan of Chandigarh. Various extracts including circles, paintings as well as manhole covers are included in this overall 33 by 19 feet structure. This is an interesting piece of art which is sure to attract a lot of attention from the people.

Idea Behind 3D Mini Chandigarh

The 3D Mini Chandigarh has costed a total amount of Rs 16 lakhs which is located behind the Punjab Raj Bhawan. The Chandigarh Administration along with the B&R Wing of the Municipal Corporation approached artists Charanjit in order to design the look of the structure. Stainless steel along with fibreglass has been used as material to create the sculpture.

Also, the original colours which are used in the original 3d panels have been included in these sculptures. As the
idea of 3D ‘Mini Chandigarh’ will become popular, it will be placed at the prominent green belts within Chandigarh. A total time period of 4 months has been utilized to prepare the whole structure and the formal inauguration of the same is eagerly awaited.


Tulika Gupta

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