New Airports Are Coming (4 in Punjab, 2 in Himachal) Under Govt. Udan Plan

Revolutionary concepts of governance introduced by PM Modi under the “Udan” project has marked another significant achievement soon after its announcement. Marking the very first achievement of imposing a fixed amount for short duration and distances flight as INR 2500 for an hour’s travel time or distance traversed to be 500 km or less, the Udan project has proven to be a step towards boosting the economy.

About the Project ‘Udan’

After the significant development of increased India’s domestic air passenger traffic to a record breaking rate of 23 per cent last year which was  highest in the world, the Project Udan was bound to happen. Under the scheme, the government planned to connect around 33 un-served airports of the cities like Shimla, Kandla, Puducherry, Bhatinda etc. One of the recent achievements being capping of 50% of the seats under a fixed amount which provided a sense of relief to the frequent travellers.

Recent Developments under the Scheme 

The region’s air connectivity has been under the scrutiny of the scheme since its proclamation. Moving forward, the project has launched itself into phases and among those, Phase 1 finds its roots emerging from the states like Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The states, according to the civil aviation authorities were carefully picked owing to their importance and untapped potential that hid under the covers for various reasons. One of them majorly being the ignorance factor and step motherly treatment borne by them from the authorities.

Airports Under Scrutiny

Centre’s regional connectivity scheme ‘Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagrik (Udan)’ for the revival of flights has shortlisted 6 airports at following places.

  • Ludhiana
  • Pathankot
  • Adampur (Jalandhar)
  • Bathinda in Punjab
  • Shimla
  • Bhuntar (Kullu) in Himachal Pradesh.

Highlights of the Development

  • Introduction of 6 new airports in the region
  • Improved air connectivity
  • Seating capacity to be from 19 to 78 seats
  • 50% of the seats under the Rs 2,500 per hour per seat cap
  • 45 new air routes by ministry of civil aviation
  • Flights to be active from four to six months
  • Direct connectivity to Delhi
  • Subsidy on fuel price and tax exemption

In an attempt to revive these defunct airports having limited or no flight connectivity, the move has been welcomed by the airlines for whom it means business and embraced by a lot of people who feel greatly connected to the rest of the world. Let us see what all this Government has in store for the welfare of commoners in the near future because the present seems pleasantly promising.

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