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Big news for Indian Army Aspirants [SSC], the recruitment procedure for the Officers rank has been renewed and the pattern for selection has also been changed by the government. This decision has been taken to bring a positive impact on career progression along with lowering the age profile of the Colonel-above ranks.

The Three Dimensions of the Change 

This change in the recruitment pattern by the Indian army is set on the three different dimensions. The three dimensions of this decision include UES that is University Entry Scheme, SSC that is Short Service Commission, TGC that is Technical Graduate Course.

Presently the Indian Army Recruitment is set to favor the regular cadre. This decision was carried out to lower the age of the profiles of the combat forces. Recently, at the meeting recommended by the AVSC [Ajai Vikram Singh Committee]. In this meeting, the ratio of 1:1.1 going on between the full-time regular cadre officers and the support cadre was confronted.

New Norms for SSC Officers to Retire At Age of 40-42 with Pension

Until now the army has been allowing the SSC officer to serve for 14 years. After halting the two types of entries, new norms for SSC Cadre has been proposed. The serving duration of the SSC Cadre is now increased to the duration of years. With this new norm of serving for 20 years, make them eligible for pensions, that is great. Also, according to the new norms, the officers will get retire at the age of- 40-42, getting ample time for moving to the second career.

Once, the decision is finalized on the SSC Officer selection, it will alter the available selection pool for the ranks above Colonel. The idea of achieving the Combat Effectiveness was pitched in the meeting set up by AVSC in 2001. This idea was focused on bringing down the age of the cadres and improving the effectiveness of the battalion or brigade level commanders. Wherein in 2004, the first part of the decision was undertaken there, the last part for SSC modifications was pending since then.

The new policy for the Indian Army Officer Recruitments through SSC will not only reduce the age of the Officer but will enhance the effectiveness of the Command and will allow them to serve for 20 long years, making them eligible for the pension.

Source – Tribune 


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